Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Campaign Thoughts

So to try and spice up the small campaign and make it more entertaining...

the original idea seems to have fallen through. Ideally, I wanted it to be a chance to take our small, secondary armies and add units to our collection as we went:

Example, for my Wood Elf army, I got a Rare option. If I wanted to use, say...an Eagle, the idea was it would be a manageable expense to go purchase one, a short time to assemble and paint it and boom, my army looked better.

Then, if I gained a Special unit, I could go purchase 3 treekin, for example, assemble and paint them in time for the battle.

That, for a variety of reasons, has proven to be an unworkable model for most if not all of us.

The secondary idea was to get people experience with a variety of armies...for example, I normally play the WoC and Wood Elf armies, so it would be a good chance for me to make, say...a Dark Elf or Ogre army, to try some new things.

That has also proven to be an unworkable model.

So I propose that, effective immediately after the conclusion of the currently scheduled small campaign battles, we go to a new model that is this:

Neutral armies will be opponent's choice with a points value + or 1 25% of the Player's army.

Example: I have a 1000 point Wood Elf army moving into London and Kev elects to play against me as the neutral army. Roll d6: on 1-2, he can build a 750 point army. On a 3-5 he can build a 1000 point army. On a 6 he can build a 1250 point army. He can choose any army he wishes with the following restriction: NO PROXIES IN NEUTRAL ARMIES.

Additionally, we would allow an instant reset in out own armies. No more restrictions based on anything other than if your army list allows it. Instead, we switch to a "meets legal army restrictions and no more than one proxy unit" formula.

This will encourage us to use the models we have and clean up the messy book keeping. It will also make it much more about just getting out there and playing games.

So who prefers it the way it is now and who wants to switch to either or both of the new ideas? Let me know in the comments on here.



Liam said...

I would be willing to do both. I think it would better streamline the whole process, especially when we normally only play once a month.

kev said...

I'm fine with that

Fullur said...

Definitely sounds like a workable option in general. I will have to give up the Empire for the time being though.