Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Campaign E-Mail

Okay, gang, the more I think about it the more I think the small campaign might be a bit too complicated with some of the newer players to the game and so forth so I am instituting the following changes effective immediately. First, no more "hidden movement". Here are the starting locations (which have changed in the interests of better balance)

Cris, Vampire Counts, Constantinople
Drew, Greece, Wood Elfs
Josh, Holland, Dwarfs
Kenneth, Marseilles, Tomb Kings
Kevin, Paris, Skaven
Liam, Sevastopol, Brettonia
Phillip, St. Petersburg, Empire

The starting locations all give access to either 1250
or 1500 points adjacent assuming the supply centers are worth 500 and the non-supply centers worth 250. . Every starting location has at least 2 viable starting strategies. I determined them by going through the entire list, figuring out how many points each Supply Center was adjacent to and found the closest to having 6 or 7 starting locations with identical options. I could not do that but came real close.

You need to e-mail me at least 2 War Banners in the next week.

1) Your home War Banner. This consists of 1500 points that must adhere to your army restrictions with the following single exception; Your King may be a non-special Lord-level character of no more than 250 points, absolutely no fudging; if you make it 251 points, you will be disqualified, for example. 250 points is a hard cap, as is the 1500 points. This War Banner cannot leave your home territory but serves as the home defense force. Later, you may receive the ability to move your King, but that will be several turns in.

2) You have an additional 750 points to make as many War Banners as you wish with that 750 points, though each War Banner must conform to your proper army restrictions with the following exception: the Tomb Kings have no chance whatsoever without their Hierophant and Liche Priest, so they may always include a basic, no tooling up version of each even if that means they will not then have enough points to fulfill their core requirements. If you feel your army has a special need I am unaware of, please let me know and I will consider it on a case by case basis.
Note: this does not mean you can have 3 750 point War Banners. It does mean you could choose to have a 500 point and a 250 point, 3 250 point, a single 750 point, or any other combination that totals 750 points or less and conforms to your army restrictions.

Note; Everything is unique; for example, if I were playing the Warriors of Chaos, I could have 1 Wulfrik the Wanderer in War Banner A but in no other War Banner. I could put the Staff of Sorcery on a Wizard in War Banner B but not in any other War Banner; it is unique. So no putting your favorite Magic Item in every War Banner, sorry.
All War Banners when first formed must conform to your legal Army restrictions with the single exception addressed above.

Feel free to e-mail one another suggesting alliances, deals, etc.
If anyone does not see the potential strategies I was discussing for their starting location, feel free to e-mail me as I will have access to e-mail this week...just not the map, though I have a fairly good memory of it.

By the end of this month we will close off all diplomacy and War Banners will be locked in place. At that point, you will have one week to e-mail your moves to me. On the first Saturday of September, I will post the battles that need to be fought on (assuming Phillip can help me figure out how to do it).

Here is a sample if I were playing the Warriors of Chaos and starting in London.

London War Banner, the Legions of Pyrrhus
General: Pyrrhus
Chaos Lord on Chaos Steed, Shield, Mark of slaanesh, 249 points
12 Chaos Warriors w/Shield, Great Weapon, mark of khorne, full command 276 points
12 Chaos Warriors w/Shield, Great Weapon, mark of khorne, full command 276 points
7 Chaos Warhounds 42 points
5 Chaos Knights w/full command, mark of khorne 280 points

Chaos Sorcerer on Chaos Steed w/mark of tzeentch, 2 Dispel Scrolls 206 points
Exalted Hero on Chaos Steed w/shield, khorne, Golden Eye of tzeentch 166 points
Total: 1500 points

War Banner 7; The Regiments of General Custer
Exalted Hero George Custer on Chaos Steed w/shield, mark of tzeentchcollar of horne, 166 points
Exalted Hero on Chaos Steed w/Shield, mark of khorne 146 points
18 Chaos Marauders w/light armor, shield, great weapons, mark of nurgle 156 points
12 Chaos Warriors w/Shield, Great Weapon, mark of khorne, full command, 276 points
total: 744 points (note: Marauders are 7 points apiece as configured above, so one more would "only" put me over by one point; but it would also make me illegal. 750 points or less, no going over. Period.)

As you can see, there are serious limitations to small point totals. I have no Knights, no Shaggoth, etc. But everyone else will have the same issues, so it is all good, right?

So there you have it. The campaign is officially begun. Look forward to putting together some games, send in your War Banners, questions and comments ASAP.

Phillip, if you want, feel free to add this under a campaign page on the website. If not, no big deal.

See you guys in two weeks.


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