Monday, December 16, 2013

Warhammer 40k Space marine Paint Scheme

For no apparent reason..

I am not much of a painter but I really like this color scheme.

The purple is Pearlized Amethyst by Plain, the Blue is Pearlized Blue Sapphure, same company. The green and orange were because I could not figure out what to do with those ribbons, they needed to stand out.

On the back I tried to make it look like glowing blue power with a white in the center, blended light blue, darker blue thing...not sure how it will look.

For the base I mixed blue and purple sand roughly half and half, then chipped up a blue "filler marble" and through it on the base to add texture.

I later did my first TRUE blend on the plasma gun. Yellow blending into orange into red to represent heat. I like how it turned out. If I get interest will post pics of that, otherwise just throwing these up for no reason other than to have a record of what I was thinking.

I would be interested to know if people concur with my assessment the gold highlights make the models 'pop"

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