Thursday, January 22, 2009

A link to examine

Through a comment on our last army lists, I found this link. Well worth a look, very informative and fun.
Rick, he has some painted Swordmasters of Hoeth you might enjoy checking out. Excellent painter. Also a Gyrocoptor lower down if you decide to stick with the Dwarfs instead.

More painting on his High Elf army under older posts. Well worth looking at to see how people who know what they are doing do it.

He does some fun battle reports, too. The Warmachine of course we would not know the rules on, but you can always get a feel for tactics. Also, they have some pics much like we do.

I went ahead and put it in the links, I encourage you all to stop by and check it out. 


Fullur said...

Cool. He even gave us a linkback. Score!

John said...

Thanks for the post mate much appreciated :) Happy Gaming