Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fullur is painting again!

Hey, just wanted to show that I am painting again. Sure, it is only one model and no, it won't be mistaken for a professional job. However, I think it ain't bad for my first attempt in a decade. Especially since I was never that good before.

Note the "conversion." That is what we call it when we take a broken model, cut off more of it and make it look like he's kneeling once he is mounted. I have to charge my camera before I can get a picture of him glued to the base. But once it is I will. :)

So here is a picture of the skink on his stand.

And here he is next to my Kroxigor that I have not painted yet.


Darth Weasel said...

hey, well done! Speaking of which, what you got going Saturday? I think Rick and I are going to try some basing stuff Saturday morning/afternoon before the sweethearts banquet, if it is in St. Helens you want in on it?

Fullur said...

I will have to see what Tracy has in mind. But if she is up for it sure.