Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Pictures from January 31, 2009

I could not really follow the other two games, but here were a few pictures.

Phillip put out about 25 Skink Skirmishers to provide a screen for his Temple Guard and 2nd Generation Slann, his 3 Kroxigor, and his 20 Saurus. The above picture is early, early in the setup process. He would be facing the Vampire Counts played by Chris.

As you can see from above, we are still struggling a bit with the rules as I neglected to tell them that units have a minimum front...the 2 wide Crypt Guard should have been 4 or 5 wide...bit no big deal. My fault for not remembering to mention it, and that is how we learn.

Meanwhile, the Dwarf and Dark Elf armies were setting up for an epic showdown. Even after moving the terrain, they ended up with an obstacle laden, slow field. 

Kenneth set up his army mostly in the middle. On the right were Harpies...a flying unit that laughs at obstacles.

Below we see Rick making a key measurement to see if his fearsome Grand Battery of cannons will strike down the Dark Elf warriors.

This was the units set up pre-game so I could show Chris what each unit was. The characters were mostly correct...the correct Vlad, Isabella, and Mannfred figures, 2 accurate Skeleton units. I don't know what the Grave Guard SHOULD look like...and can't remember what the other 12 guys were supposed to be. Varghulf was NOT the right figure...

Another look at the Lizardman set-up.

And the Dwarf units lined up to open their mass gunfire and cannonade on the Dark Elf army.

The Cold One Riders circle the pond as the Harpies take cover in the forest. Can flying creatures land in the forest? Will have to check that one. I was planning on using it to hide should anyone field a dragon...might be a poor plan on my part. One of many :-)

Cannon fire decimated his larger Cold One unit, causing them to flee back an inch short of the start, thus leaving his second Cold One unit unsupported to charge the cannons doing mass damage to Kenneth's Dark Elf army.

Poor lighting, but we can see the first Lizardman-Vampire Count turn in progress.

A unit of Warriors of some sort prepare to charge the Thunderers. Meanwhile, Longbeards circling the building watch the Harpies fly away leaving them to look to flank the Dark Elf assault on the Thunderers. What a great, complex situation developing!

But more Dwarf reinforcements also lurk on the other side of the building, ready to assist the Thunderers.

Ironically, the battle seemed all-Dwarf. The Dark Elf army had slain one cannon and a couple random models. Meanwhile, over half the Cold Ones were dead to cannon fire, the Dark Elf plan nearly in ruin. They thought it ended after four turns (which was all we had time for anyway...).

However, when we totaled the points, the Dwarfs had half the cold rider unit, something like 167 points or so. The Dark Elf army killed a 120 point cannon and controlled a table quarter so had a slight point advantage!

This is just one reminder that games are often not going the way it feels like they are going. I re totaled the Orc/Wood Elf game (see next post) and after 4 turns it was nearly a tie game! The last 2 turns turned it into a devastating rout. I wish I could have seen the last two turns of this one. Would the Thunderers run or would the Dwarf army hit the Dark Elf army in the flank and more than likely grind them into dust? Would the Dark Elf reinforcements hit the flanking Dwarf units in the flank and turn it into a rout for the Dark Elf army? Could Rick remember to actually USE his Rune Lord, which he did not do even once in the entire game?

Either way, looked like a fun battle. 

Sadly, the Lizardmen and Vampire Counts only got one turn done, so neither player got to see much. Next time, Gadget. 


crisjesse said...

Those vampire lords were cold hearted man! I don't think the lizardsissies had a chance!

John said...

Nice reports guys, always good to see pictures as well :)

Damn Skinks are horrible I have a mate who likes to field 40-60 of the things in our matches....

Fullur said...

You are correct about the flying. You cannot land in or fly out of a wood. You have to land outside and walk in next turn. Then walk out, stop, and fly on the turn following that. In short, flying units should never be in a wood.

Space Monkey said...

I was haveing so much fun blowing through Kennith's ranks with the cannons and the Flaming cannon just causing sooo much carnage!!!! Then the Thunderers making those Cold Ones puttin horesy tail between their legs and running, Ken I really felt for you. Well of course I would forget about the Ruin Lord. Since Kenith's magic phase (with enough casting dice to make Gandalf blush and send roses, it was sooo wrong) was pointless in using the time, we would have got six turns. My luck would have it, when anvil is stuck it was be stuck incorrectly and blow up that whole side of the table. Maybe it was best I forgot.

Darth Weasel said...

Wow, LOTS of activity on this one! Lol I am jealous, nobody even looked at my obliteration of Josh...possibly because he had the Orcs, not a REAL army...

As for the Rune lord, I now have a legit one, as well as 50 Warriors, 27 more Thunderers, 25 Miners, 4 more cannons (!), a real Flame Cannon, an Organ Gun (those look like incredible fun!), a Gyrocoptor if I can ever get it glued together, a Runesmith and a lord character. Good times.