Thursday, April 16, 2009

750 Point Ogres vs. Dwarves

Well this is my first battle report so hopefully, it makes some sort of sense.


Battle Report 750 points - Dwarfs vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Dwarf Army led by Rick and Liam. (Rick was helping Liam to learn the game a little more so he'll be ready when his Brettonians come in. They therefore ganged up on me, but us Ogres don't let that stop us.)

Thane – Unsure of equipment/items other than a pistol.

Cannon & Crew

Organ Gun & Crew

19 Warriors with Standard Bearer and Musician.

10 Thunderers

Ogre Army led by Kevin

Bruiser with Greatskull (didn't know I was against the Dwarves) & Heavy Armor.

Bulls x5 with Ironfists and Light Armor, Bellower, Standard Bearer

20 Gnoblars

Leadbelchers x2

Leadbelchers x2


Battlefield really favored one side over the other with 2 hills and a village with ~5 inch spaces between, on one side of the table.

I won the setup and chose the side that made Rick and Lliam go to the side with all the terrain so that they only had a narrow field of fire between the terrain features.

Interesting note: Since I had no Butcher and Rick/Lliam were the Dwarfs. There was no magic phase on either side.

I place a unit of leadbelchers to the extreme corners of my deployment zone. One unit had LOS but was out of range of the organ gun, while the other had a hill between them and the cannon and the other hill between them and the organ gun. The unit of gnoblars was strung out to provide a screen for the 5 bulls and the bruiser who joined the Bulls. As the pictures show, have too many Gnoblars on the table. I found out later that the compartment in my army box had more than the 20 that were supposed to be there, so I took them off the table as soon as I noticed. This was before they had any attacks so didn't actually affect the game, other than maybe providing targets.

Rick/Liam placed their war machines on either corner almost at the table edge had his unit of thunderers in the middle with Thane attached, and the unit of warriors in front of them.

Rick/Liam won the dice roll to go first.

Dwarf Turn 1

Rick/Liam moved the Warriors the full movement straight forward to the hill in the middle. He fired is cannon through the gap and killed a Gnoblar and put 2 wounds on a Bull that was behind him from the bounce.

Ogre turn 1, I moved the Gnoblars up as close as possible to the hill that the Warriors were behind, position my Leadbelchers to be ready to fire on anything coming through the gaps in the terrain.

Dwarf Turn 2

Rick/Liam killed another Gnoblar but failed to wound any of the bulls behind it from the Cannon. He moved his Warriors up on to the hill towards the Gnoblar screen with the Bulls behind it. Took 6 shots with his Organ Gun and killed about 3 Gnoblars who passed their break test with flying colors.

(I'm still kind of new and I think I may have been reading the Break test rules wrong as I tested when I dropped by 25% of starting unit strength, when this should probably have been 25% of what the unit started that phase at. )

Ogres turn 2

My Gorger decided not to come in this turn and wait for a more opportune moment. I moved my Gnoblars up to put almost everyone within sharp stuff range against the Warriors and moved my units of Leadbelchers into a place where they could all fire on the Thunderers since they were elevated.. The first unit of Leadbelchers only got 2 shots, while the second one got 4 shots each. The Gnoblars Sharpstuff and both units of Leadbelchers still only were able to kill 3 Warriors total.

Dwarf Turn 3

Rick/Liam charges the Warriors into the Gnoblars and CC killed about 6 of the Gnoblars. They faced and passed another break test to stand firm against the Warriors. The Thunderers fired against one unit of Leadbelchers and gave 2 wounds. The Organ Gun put one wound on the other unit of Leadbelchers.

Ogre turn 3

I rolled in my Gorger and placed it as close as possible to the Dwarf Cannon (bottom left side of the picture). I left one unit of Leadbelchers to reload, while the others moved to prepare a flank charge against the Warriors. The Bulls/Bruiser unit moved up right behind the Gnoblars, preparing for their seemingly inevitable fleeing. The Gnoblars CC had no hits whatsoever in this round.

(This is where our photographer decided to ditch us and go play a game of his own. I can't really blame him, but none of us got around to taking further pics)

Dwarf Turn 4

Rick/Liam tried to kill the Gorger with the cannon by a 1” guess and ended up rolling something that was not a misfire. Measuring to the Gorger showed that it was only about 1” away so the shot would have missed anyway. He decided to detach Thane from the Thunderers and faced toward the Gorger. Shooting with the Thunderers killed one of the previously wounded leadbelchers that was hiding from the Cannon. Panic test forced the other in it's unit to flee about 5”. The Organ Gun tried to shoot at the Leadbelchers who were reloading but misfired, preventing it from firing this turn or the nest. The Warriors killed another 5 Gnoblars in CC.

Ogre turn 4

The fleeing Leadbelcher rallied. I charged the Gorger into the Cannon which failed the fear test causing the crew to flee through the Thunderers to their far side allowing the Gorger to pursue into the Thunderer's flank. The unit of Leadbelchers that had reloaded, flank-charged the Warriors. The warriors failed their fear test and ran away from CC by about 9” putting them far enough away to avoid getting caught.

Dwarf Turn 5

The Cannon crew that was fleeing rallied. The Warriors also rallied and decided to face the Bulls/Brusier unit head on by moving 1” away from them, downgrading a potential Bull Charge to just a charge, and leaving a single Leadbelcher behind them. Thane headed towards the Gorger to help out, but couldn't quite get close enough to it due to distance.

Ogre Turn 5

My Gorger fought against the Thunderer's flank and won the combat causing the Thunderers to panic and run, but the Gorger pursued 7” to their fleeing of 5” and took them out of the picture. I Charged my Bull/Bruiser unit into the Warriors, who passed their fear test and the close combat killed 2 Warriors. The Warriors attack back then put one more wound into the Bulls, finally killing the one that was wounded in the cannon shot from turn 1. Even combat resolution meant no break tests.

Dwarf Turn 6

Thane charged the Gorger and during CC put one wound on it. It's response was to wiff on each of the 4 attacks it had and do absolutely nothing back. The Warriors battling the Bulls/Bruiser didn't really do anything to speak of. The Bulls response was to kill 3 more Warriors. The Organ Gun was back in business and killed off the Leadbelcher unit that had flank charged earlier. Sinc it was so close to the Gnoblars it caused the unit to panic and move about 4” to the other side of of the Bulls/Bruiser unit.

Ogre turn 6

The Gnoblars rallied. The Gorger responded with some good dice rolls and got all 4 attacks to hit, and 3 to wound against Thane. Thane's armor save prevented one of the wounds his ward save prevented a second one but let the third wound through, leaving him with one remaining. The Warriors did nothing against the Bulls/Bruiser unit, but the Bulls/Bruiser were able to take out about 4 more Warriors.

Victory Points

After counting up victory points, RickRick/Liam had 110 points for a destroyed unit of Leadbelchers, 55 for a unit of Leadbelchers down to ½ strength and 20 points for unit of Gnoblars down to ½ strength. For a total of 185.

We originally thought he had a table quarter claimed because there was a quarter that had the Organ Gun and crew, as well as the recently rallied crew from the Cannon, but it turns out that a re-reading of the rules says that units with a US of less than 5 don't count for claiming them.

My victory points included 150 for the Thunderers that fled and were caught, 90 points for the Cannon that wasn't crewed at the end of the game, and 109 for the half strength unit of Warriors and 33 points for Thane being half strength at the end of the game for a total of 384. The difference of 199 points giving a Solid Victory to the Ogres.


Darth Weasel said...

Good report. And yeah, a couple things:

1) I'm still kind of new and I think I may have been reading the Break test rules wrong as I tested when I dropped by 25% of starting unit strength, when this should probably have been 25% of what the unit started that phase at. )Correct. You take a test when you lose 25% of strength you started any given phase with.

2) It was unbelievable the Gnoblars never ran. Losing 2 or 3 per turn, plus the rank bonus of 2 for the warriors, plus the Standard meant they probably needed needed snake-eyes I am assuming? You should have been testing on a -5 or 6 at least I am thinking, but for all I know your Gnoblars are stubborn :-).

Personally, I think Rick erred in moving his warriors forward as, at least for my playing style, he would have been better off shooting as many times as possible, but that is personal taste and it does not match his playing style, so is all good.

kev said...

The Gnoblars certainly seemed stubborn at the time. :)

Looking back on it now, I'm sure we probably figured the CR wrong at least twice, however my leadership rolls were pretty good with them. 6 was the highest I ever rolled and I had the general within 12" of them for pretty much the entire game.

As far as the playing goes, the terrain was brutal for him. With the LOS being blocked by all the terrain, he would have only had one round of (effective) shooting before I came Bull-charging into his units.

Wow Gold said...

Very impressive blog. I liked it.

Ben said...

Some pretty terrible rolls for the poor Dwarf player(s).

The poster above is correct. Even being within 12" of a Ld 8 General, losing combat by 5 or 6 meant those Gnoblars would have run on a roll of 3.

There are no fear tests taken for a unit already in combat. Those dwarfs would have hacked the belchers apart. Not only that, only terror makes units flee. Fear makes them hit on 6's.

Cannon crew are stubborn because of gunner's pride...

All in all I think the dwarfs lost to an incorrect reading of the rules.