Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dwarf Verse Chaos Game 2

Immediately following my complete humiliation, we refought the battle. This time he won the roll for set-up and had me set up first. So I put my smaller 10 man unit behind the ruin in the center. He placed his Thunderer unit identical to the first game. My 12 Made Men then went on my right, his Warriors opposite, and my General/Sorcerer once more joined the larger unit. I won the roll to go first. This time I have Flickering Fire, Pandemonium, and Infernal Gateway.

Chaos Mafia Turn One
I advance 8", veering my 10 man unit to the right, away from the Thunderers. 

Infernal Gateway requires  15: I roll a 13. But wait...I use Blood of Tzeentch to re-roll one die which gets me to 15, and the Homonculus adds 3. He fails to Dispel it!
I get 10 hits at S4. 6 hit. 3 Dwarf Warriors make their way through Deaths Door. The Banner of Wrath then hits unopposed since he used all his Dispel Dice on Infernal. Another Warrior dies. I have already done 300% more casualties than I did the entire first game! Woo-Hoo!

Awesome Magic my old friend
Grace me with your presence once again

Dwarf Turn One
Warriors move forward a moderate 3". His Longbeard Scouts about face so they will be able to flank me when I clear the building. Only 2 of his Thunderers have Line of Sight, take a couple pot shots, one hits, no wounds. This game is going my way!

Chaos Mafia Turn Two
This time I remember his scouts and know I can't march, even though I desperately want to. Instead, I only walk forward 4". Infernal Gateway never reaches the needed total of 15. With him having 4 dice, my Bound Spell of 4 is doomed as long as he can at least avoid double ones.

Pointless magic my old friend...

Dwarf Turn Two
Apparently tired of playing well, Space Monkey advances his Rangers into L.O.S. of my small unit and wheels his Warriors to better get in position to face my larger Made Men unit. This presents both flanks to me and I am excited. 

Since it closes off his shooting lanes, he retreats his Thunderers an inch and a half to buy more time should I win the combat. I thought he might be better served to wheel them instead, thus allowing ten guys to fire, but since I just lost a game by 1250 points when we started with 750, why would anyone find value in any advice I could offer? 

(Space Monkey would have listened, to be fair).

Chaos Mafia Turn Three
I unattached my Sorcerer/Don just in case there was a repeat of last game. Both units charged. My smaller Made Men took his Rangers in the flank and my larger ones hit his Warriors head on. I had sent my rule book home with Chad for him to learn the game, so could not remember if the flanked unit aligned to face me or not. 

Meanwhile, with both enemy units involved in combat, my only option for a spell was Pandemonium. Uh...yay? It was successful, which just meant instead of using the Thane's leadership of 9, the units had to use their own leadership of just 9.

Yes, that is sarcasm.

I finally get a spell off successfully...and what is the result?

Pointless magic my old friend...

On the bright side, it was time to try close combat again. Turning the flank to meet me or not did not matter.
As it turned out, I hit him 4 times, wounded 2, killed just one. He did nothing back, broke, and was overrun. (Forgot the Old Grumblers rule. D'oh! Doesn't matter...with me hitting him in the flank, having a rank bonus, and wounding him 1-0, he had a healthy -4 to his save, so he needed I think a 5 or less).

In the other combat, 9 of my 13 dice were good for hits. Needing 3s to hit, or 67%, that is actually about right. I wounded 4 (again, needing 4s, or 50%, that is about right, ever so slightly on the low side) and he saved 1 (real close to right; he needed 5s to save, so 33% chance:1 or 2 would have been right). Hey, when the percentages play out, I do real well!

His Thane managed to hit with all three attacks, but did just 1 wound and that was saved. His Warrior Champ could do no better. 

He broke and ran. I overran him. It is all rolling my way, now.

Dwarf Turn Three
His choice to make a retrograde movement meant even with a generous interpretation of the field of fire, he had but 3 guys firing. Of course, in those three he got 2 hits, and one of them killed a Chaos Made Man. After the first game debacle, this was my first game 2 casualty. Just for fun he dispelled Pandemonium. No real effect, but hey...it was something accomplished.

Chaos Mafia Turn 4

 Only had my 10...okay, 9 man unit of Made Men, but that SHOULD be enough. Dedicated instruments of death and destruction against weak Close Combat troops. He Stand and Shoots, hitting twice, killing one more.

I roll 11 dice in Hand to Hand. With a higher Weapon Skill, I need a 3 to hit. I should hit 7 to 8 times. I hit twice. I did kill one Dwarf...uh...yay? Pathetic. He cannot wound back. I have his flank, I have rank bonus, I have running Dwarfs, I overrun, I smashed him nearly as bad as he smashed me.

In game one, I did one casualty. In game 2, he did two.

I actually managed some more appalling dice rolling as I could barely do any Close Combat damage, even needing 3s to hit as opposed to him needing 5s (Mark of Nurgle), needing 4s to wound and him needing 5s to save. Magic was a little better, actually doing 4 casualties this game. 

Final Tally? Magic did 5 casualties in 8 rounds. Not even a casualty per round. Was it worth 35 points to upgrade to level 2, 65 points more in Gifts and Magic Items? Uh...no. Did nowhere near 100 points. 

Oh well. Regardless, the combined outcomes was very cool. Very evenly matched armies overall, even if the outcomes were each complete annihilation's. Fun games, and a perfect .500 record. 

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