Saturday, September 19, 2009

2,000pt Skaven VS Lizardmen

Not so much a battle report as a brief recapof the major moments.

The battle started off poorly for me. The terrain placement made it so I had to separate my forces in a way I had not intended to. Ironically, every piece of terrain he placed scattered some, but every piece I placed stayed exactly where it had been placed.

I won the roll for turn and decided to have him go first. I walked the forces on my right flank forward, and attempted to charge with my Cold One Knights on the left flank. The (I was going to use an acronym to represent the Cold One Knights, but that just looks dirty.) Cold Ones failed their charge by 1/2". I guess that 50 point banner that increases your charge distance by D6" once per game would actually have been worthwhile this game. In my shooting phase I took out enough from his pack of Giant Rats to cause a break test which they failed. If they failed the recovery test, (which at Ld5 is very likely) they would be almost guaranteed to run off the table.

On his second turn he charged my Cold Ones and my Stegadon. The Stegadon performed badly, but would have been crushed anyway. The Stegadon is stubborn, so I tested on an unmodified Ld6. Sadly with two 6's and a 3, there is no way to get your total under 6 on two dice. The Stegadon ran, and his unit pursued into my 4 Kroxigor. On the other flank my knights crushed the unit that had charged them, but if I remember correctly they were unbreakable.

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