Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rules Coment

Oops. Hopefully I am not the only one who has been doing this wrong.

Quick query:

Chaos Armor (4+ save) on Barded Steed with shield: what is close combat save?

1+? (4 for armor, 2+ due to mounted and barded, 1+ due to shield)


0+? (4+ for armor, 2+ for mounted/barded, 1+ for shield, 0+ for c.c. bonus)

Hint: p. 56, words in parentheses


Kuffeh said...

It's 1+. The +1 Combat 'parry' bonus, is only for models on foot.

Liam said...

Well there goes my general +1 armor save.

Darth Weasel said...

do not feel too bad, Liam...mine too. Makes my Knights worse than I thought as well.

kennyB said...

Yeah, felipe mentioned that the other day. We had been giving cavalry the (Infantry) hand weapon and shield bonus when engaged to the front in h2h, which they are not actually privy to because they are mounted. Unfortunately, this takes phillip and my CoK up to a 2+ base save, meaning any reduction at all is an actual reduction, unlike before when the 1st point of reduction actually didn't do anything, as it took us from a 1+ (2+ actual needed roll) to a 2+ (again, 2+ actual needed roll), reducing our effectiveness quite a bit as now anything with strength 4 takes us to only a 67% save, str 5 takes us to 50%, and it only requires strength 8 to completely eliminate it (see shaggoth, see CoK run :( On the flip side, it does make monsters with High Strength, like the Dragons (Str 6, reduce CoK to a 5+ save) and the Shaggoth Great Weapon of Doom Edition (Str 8, completely removes CoK armour) more in line with what I would expect, mythologically from Huge, Knight-Slaying Monsters. Now, if only my hydra wasn't only Str 5 :( , although against phillip's CoK, that does mean he will only have a 4+ save now, and the Chaos Knights will only have a 3+ which is still better for my monster than the 2+ they had after "strength modifier" before!! Then again, I like the odds of my CoK vs Heavier Knights even less now, as after the initial round my opponent will still have a 2+ (after modifier) and I will have a 4+. And the initial round only even matters if I get the charge! bleh!