Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For no apparent reason...

I usually do not post pictures of my WIP or completed models. I chose not to for several reasons.

First, I am not a particularly good painter. I have an unsteady hand, often get confused about what something I am painting is supposed to it armor? Cloth? Something else?

I do not shade, highlight, blend, or any of the other advanced techniques. As often as not, I do not even have a color scheme in mind.

I just sit down with paint and paint brush, pick a color, paint it, decide what would be good to go on next, and away I go.

The overall army theme is black as one primary and some shade I consider in the "red" family as the case of these Knights, Purple Metal Flake. I really like the look of the Gold and Copper Testors paint. I tried the Gold metal Flake on the lance on the looks sickly green to me so I am probably done with it.

But here are the first models I have not just painted but actually attempted to base in...hmmm...14 years?

The theory is coming from Chaos, the land is black and the stones silver.

Below are about the first models I have ever modified. I took Chaos Warriors and gave them weapons from Chaos Knights. The Spears I had to cut off part of the shaft to fit on, the swords and so forth are about 40% larger than standard. I even free-hand applied some runes to the standard, but forgot to put on the top. *Sigh*

And my favorites, the Chaos Dragon Ogres. Green Metal Flake skin, Red metal Flake armor, with copper ornaments, silver blades...the height of shiny and reflective.

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Fullur said...

Very nice. And may I add, great choice of venue for the shots. The reflection off of the table makes them look even cooler.

kennyB said...

Wow! Phillip beat me to it ;)
Very nice. And may !I! add, the pictures with the black background and the shiny table background look awesome! Well done. ^^