Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tournament Results

Here is link to the top finishers. If you want, you can easily hit the other post and match their placement up with their lists.

Also, I put in some links on the right to forums for the various armies we play. If there are others you would like added, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long DE will be considered Tier 1 when, with several different builds at each event, they consistently lose to 5+ other Army Books at tournaments, and multiple builds from each of them. They would lose to more Army Books, guaranteed, if people played more armies.

"Perceived superiority can be more effective than the real thing, good thing the DoC have more than enough of both."

Fullur said...

Glad to see the Lizards win out over several other books that are supposed to be better. Freaky how many Tomb Kings are at the top though. I wonder if they are as bad as we seem to think, but even so I cannot figure them being that strong...