Saturday, March 12, 2011

Upcoming Tournaments

So I have been doing some research. Lets all talk about who would be interested in which tournament.

1) $10.00 entry fee, 2500 points, Guardian Games, Portland Saturday, March 19th. No special characters, armies do NOT have to be fully painted

2) Entry fee is $25 dollar PURCHASE, Saturday, April 9th, at Borderland Games in Salem. Special Characters allowed, bonus points for thematic armies. Link has info on those, scenarios, and also bonus points for how the army is painted. Seems like somewhat more advanced tournament.

3) One we are unlikely to do, but linking to WoW seems nice. We would be late and leave early because of church. $10.00 entry, some VERY strict comp, small games, but very laid back.

Any interest in any of these or other tournaments if I find them? Which one(s) interest you and why? Should I keep looking them up?


Liam said...

I like the sounds of the WoW game (good for my wood elves).Its small and sounds pretty laid back, like you said. Although, again, it is on a Sunday, and that could cause some complications for me.

The Guardian Games one does not sound bad either, semi laid back too, although I have a concern of being able to play a game in 2 hours (Im not sure how long our games usually take, I do not keep track). Although I do have a fear of running into games like that Wood Elf player you ran into at Critical Hit Gaming.

It would be fun to attend one as a group. And yes, keep looking. Good thing I got that painted army off you :)

Darth Weasel said...

I think at the very least I am going to drop by Guardian Saturday just to watch it for a bit, pick up on the vibe.

If I had brought 2500 points of WoC back to PDX with me would probably play, but I doubt I will drive out to St. Helens to pick them up, then back in to play.

But I think I will look at playing in a couple of the inexpensive tournaments just to get a feel for how others play.

kennyB said...

A couple of them sound good. The middle one sounds rough and I don't think I care for the idea you could win the tournament and not get a prize, or have the weakest army, get all awards, win a perfect tourney, and win less of a prize than guy random that showed up 1/2 way through and got lucky with his raffle ticket....seems a little wrong....incentives is something America does all wrong! lol

Darth Weasel said...

Yeah, I am hoping at least one or two of us at the least stop in to Guardian this Saturday.

For pure Warhammer, they have a 'ard Boyz tournament in April.

For the most part though, GW tournaments tend to be not so much pure battle points as they are about the hobby as a whole.