Saturday, December 13, 2014

750 Points Warriors of Chaos V 750 Point DoC

Fresh off the Night Goblin thrashing, we decided to play a more...competitive game, lets say. So using models at hand, I built the following:
Level 2 Sorcerer, lore of tzeentch.
17 Chaos Warriors, shield, full command, mark of tzeentch
5 chaos knights, full command, ensorcelled weapons, mark of khorne

I put my wizard behind the hill on my left, the warriors opposite his Crushers and 'Nettes, and the Knights on the extreme right hidden by the forest. He used the same setup as before; from my perspective, the cannon on the hill on my left, the Crushers in front and 'nettes behind them more or less centrally located. He again won first turn.

DoC Turn 1
Crushers moved forward a bit, 'Nettes followed them, I shut down his magic. His Cannon would not be denied, taking out 4 Chaos Warriors.

WoC Turn 1
I moved my knights around to use the forest in the center of the field as cover from his cannon. He returned the favor by shutting down my magic.

DoC Turn 2
He had a conundrum of how to get a shot at my Knights without leaving his Crusher flank exposed. It was going to be tough. Finally he marched the Crushers forward towards my Warriors and floated the the 'nettes around to face the Knights. The cannon was blocked from all. I shot down his magic.

Woc Turn 2
Ironically, about a week ago I mentioned I had never seen a game changed or the outcome determined by magic.

The Knights charged into the 'Nettes, passing dangerous terrain tests by 2 of them for passing through a forest. He blocked my first spell, but then I got off Infernal Gateway with Irresistible Force on his Crushers. And rolled an "11" for S, then a 15! for number of hits...15 S10 hits! It did 6 wounds when he was done rolling saves...two crushers gone, game changed.

He slew one Chaos Knight but the champ slew his champ in a challenge (gaining +1 I on the Eye table) and  the other knights largely fluffed their rolls but won by 3 or 4. He passed his Instability test. Which, by the way, should have been steadfast...we forgot but it did not matter.

DoC Turn 3
With one crusher, he headed off to try to join the 'nettes v Knights since one Crusher could not take on 13 Chaos Warriors alone.

 I shut down his magic...again. His cannon shot down 3 more Chaos Warriors. 7 so far...ouch.

In challenge, my Champ slew his Herald and gained another pip of Initiative. this time he melted down to one Nette left after instability as he took about a half dozen casualties from combat and more from the results. Best outcome for him, pinning my knights in place.

WoC Turn 3
I moved my warriors forward. he shut down my first spell but Infernal Gateway finished off his Crusher. That is right, magic wiped out an entire, powerful unit for me. Oh yeah.

Knights killed the last 'Nette...which was bad...

DoC Turn 4
The Skullcannon charged the knights...and killed 3 with Impact Hits. I wounded it once. He could not wound the unit champ but he broke and got run down. Which was bad...

WoC Turn 5
His overrun gave me the Skullcannon flank. I took it. He did in a couple warriors, I put a couple wounds on him, he died to instability and got tabled.

What Went Right
Magic. The Chaos Warriors v 'Nettes I am usually going to win. I am not sure my Champion killing his Herald is a given...he had ASF with first his unit champ, then herald...but not an upset, really, either. But taking out 2/3rds of his Crushers before they could charge with magic was awesome. And finishing off the third was icing on the cake.  My Warriors hitting his Cannon in the flank was a gold mine because I got so many attacks I was able to win the combat.

What went Wrong
First, losing 3/4 of my Knights to Impact Hits meant they had no chance against the cannon. Second, his shooting was brutal, taking out masses of warriors. Had the Crushers not been magic-shredded, he would have wrecked the Warriors (we ran the scenario live a couple times and math-hammered all turned out the same. Crushers who charge Warriors win) and the cannon and Crushers v my Knights would be clear win for him.

Fun, entertaining game.

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