Saturday, December 6, 2014

750 points Goblins v DoC

Space Monkey and I threw together a last minute game. I don't have all my models here at the house, a lot are out at Fixed Dice's I decided to make an all-night Goblin army.

Night Goblin Shaman, Lvl 2
20 Night Goblin Spearmen w/full command, 2 fanatics
20 Night Goblin Bowmen w/full command, 2 fanatics
10 Spider Riders with Short Bows
Mangler Squig
8 Squig Hoppers
and the one non-Night Goblin, a Doom Diver

He brought a Herald giving ASF in a unit of daemonettes, 3 bloodcrushers, and a skullcannon.

I put the Spider Riders on the left, had a hill in between, then the Mangler Squig in front opposite his Crushers who were in front of the 'nettes, my Bowmen behind them, to their right the Squig hoppers in front with the Shaman in the Spears behind them, and to the right my Doom Diver. He threw the Cannon on the hill on his right (my left) and off we went.

DOC Turn 1
The cannon hit the mangler and killed it, taking 4 Night Goblins with it...which did not matter because, seeing a unit destroyed, they panicked and ran off the table as did the Doom Diver.

Night Goblin Turn 1
The Spider Riders advanced and fired at the 'nettes, doing no wounds. The Squig Hoppers bounded forward...4". On 3d6. Hmm. I drifted left with my Spearmen, tried some magic, but lost concentration.

Doc Turn 2
His Crushers charged my Squig Hoppers. The fanatics released and missed him by about a sixteenth of an inch. I did one wound with the Hoppers, he killed all but one and that one fled. I forgot to test for the night Goblins for unit breaking. Oops. His Cannon took out 3 or 4 more Night Goblins.

Night Goblin Turn 2
Spider Riders failed animosity and moved straight towards his 'nettes. Night Goblins tried to face his Crushers. The Fanatics planted themselves into terrain and died. The Spider Riders again did nothing with their bows.

DoC Turn 3
Nettes moved around, crushers turned to face my unit of Night Goblins. He charged the Spider Riders who fled planning to regroup and shoot. His winds chart did a wound to his herald.

Night Goblin Turn 3
Spider Riders failed to rally. magic Vortex went off, doing a wound to the 'nettes.

Doc Turn 4
Crushers charged the Night Goblins, 'nettes declared charge on Spider Riders who fled off table. He hammered me in combat, I fled, got run down and tabled.

What Went Right
Though I forgot to use his Mushroom, having a level 2 was funny. He did manage to put one casualty on the DoC...the only actual casualty they suffered.

What Went Wrong
Having LD5 on most units (Riders had 6) meant his opening salvo essentially ended the game. The Mangler and fanatics were all I had that were even a slight threat. I called off the turns slightly incorrectly because I fired 3 times with the Spider Riders, though never did a casualty with them.

I wanted to try out an all-night goblin army. It is not a good idea and will not be attempted again...but it was fun.

Also, I really dislike the new google feature which is why no pictures. I have several on my phone but getting them on here is not functioning.

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