Monday, December 29, 2008

Heroscape Castle Assault

The mighty battle is about to be joined.

Rick and I were testing out a new scenario. The idea was to pit two armies that were as equal as possible, set up a battlefield with minimal features, and have a "Storm the Castle" win condition. 

So we set forth two mighty armies heavy on squads and light on heroes.
We each formed our respective armies into two wings. We eschewed the standard Heroscape method and instead went one wing at a time, rolling for initiative each turn.

This sped the game up a great deal and made it possible to have 2000-ish point armies. 

I won the first initiative. Charging forward, I began dealing death and destruction all around. Inspired by their general (and his extra attack die he gave them), the Roman Legions all but wiped out the Massachusetts line and his vikings. He found the shield wall difficult to penetrate. Things looked good for me.Numbered List

Rick's hordes then swung into action, building a ferocious counterattack. He attacked my right wing with overwhelming force and began moving his knights in for the finishing blow.
His nefarious plan for tabletop domination was working beautifully.

However, I was not out of tricks yet. I moved my Gladiatrons over to the left flank to stall the Knights. 
The Gladiatrons were unlikely to do any damage to him, but their ability to prevent models from moving through the spaces adjacent locked that side of the field down. That allowed me to concentrate my offensive power in the form of Ninjas and Samurai against him with multiple attacks per turn. 
Then my Roman Legions kicked into gear. They also did no damage, but they just wouldn't die. His winged wonders were proving just as tough.

With the Gladiatrons locking down the left wing, my ranged attacks became deadly as he lost model after model to the constant sniping from Sylvarris the Elf and Guilty McGreech.
Meanwhile, my right flank (his left) had become a quagmire; Major X7 locked him into place, but I could not get through his defense and he could not get through mine. We punched away in ultimate futility.
That was to my advantage because I was cleaning house on the remainder of the field. Outside of that quagmire, he had just two models left and they were not long for this world.

Once I cleared the left wing, I concentrated overwhelming firepower on my right and wiped him off the field, though he still had figures in the castle.

It was obvious I did not have enough left to attack the castle so we called it good.

The scenario is close to working. It needs just a little tweaking to make the castle assault workable. A hard-fought battle, lots of fun.


Fauz said...

I'm wondering how long the battle took.

Darth Weasel said...

It has been a while since we played it but I would say probably about an hour and a quarter or so.