Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heroscape, December 13th, 2008

We elected to play a "rising gas, Marvel heroes" game. We were to pick an army of 400 points or less. I initially took the Knights of Weston, Captain America, the Monks, and I think some Morro warriors or something insignificant. But then I remembered we were not using the "only 1 order per turn for heroes"rule and switched to just the Hulk.

 Rick took Thanos. Kevin went with Dr. Doom, a unit of Samurai, and some Omnicrons, slightly over the point total. Josh took Spiderman and a couple heroes whose names I don't know. Phillip went with Iron Man, the Ninjas, and Guilty McGreech.

The Hulk was gnarly. I leapt out of range of everyone since I forgot I had 3 moves before the gas came. *Sigh*. Kevin moved towards Josh who responded by Spiderman injuring Dr. Doom. The Ninjas moved to attack Thanos who battled them back, taking one out. 
My second move was to move Hulk over and attack Dr. Doom, doing a couple points. 
He moved his Samurai close to me and actually hit me twice. 2 attacks versus 6 and 7 defense. Ouch. Josh then tried to kill me with a roll of 17+, but missed. Another Ninja died at the hands of Thanos.

Hulk took his vengeance, slaying Dr. Doom. The third Ninja died at the hands of Thanos, the unit never once injuring him.

The gas rose, closing off layer 1. 
Meanwhile, Hulk was pinned by two of Joshes' guys and 2 Samurai. With his wounds growing, 
he killed a Samurai with ease. 

Meanwhile, Guilty moved up to face Thanos. He actually did some damage but was not with us for long as Thanos opened up a can of whoop-smurf on him.

Hulk finished off the Samurai, but not until a Samurai had slain one of Josh's minor heroes. That freed Hulk to go after his 1-shot kill wonder, which he did, doing mass damage. 

Iron Man wiped out a couple Omnicron.

Thanos flew to level one to attack Spider-man as both Rick and I though we were on turn 2 but we were on turn 3.  That cost him his last wound and he was gone. Hulk killed the deadly 1-hit character of Joshes. Iron Man finished off the last Omnicron, thus ending Kevin's night. 

Hulk attacked Spider-man, who swung away. Iron Man then demolished Hulk, leaving him just one wound.

Hulk super-jumped away from the fray, leaving Spider-man and Iron Man in one-on-one. 

Even with Spider-man's Web-swinging, the battle was all Iron Man, who only had taken one wound at this point. I knew the only way to defeat Iron Man was for Spidey and I to work together, which Josh agreed to so I jumped into combat with Iron Man. 

Then Josh changed his mind and Spider-man killed the Hulk, only to immediately fall to Iron Man, the last Hero standing.

Very fun, fast-paced, exciting game.

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