Monday, December 29, 2008

Warhammer; The Elf and Lizardmen's First Appearance

It was a mighty host that gathered. Doltsneeze smiled as he looked at his host. On the right wing he had put the Elven Glade Guard, 15 elfs strong. They had been the ones who had warned him of the approaching Goblin horde. 

Apparently, they had been tracking some strange lizardmen. When the lizardmen joined the Goblin host, the Elfs scrambled for any help they could find. The nearest help was the Dwarf stronghold of Lumpyerhead. 

Behind the Glade Guard he had placed his Warriors, a dozen of them all he could muster on such short notice. Pintwerp the Dragon Slayer had shown up and, as was his wont, went where he jolly well felt like. In this case, that was next to the warriors. Doltsneeze huffed in upset. He wanted Pintwerp to guard the mighty cannon in the center, but Pintwerp had a mind of his own.

To the left of the cannon Doltsneeze placed his Thunderers. Anyone coming towards the Dwarf army would face a lot of firepower. Doltsneeze looked on the horizon for the advent of the approaching Goblins. he was confident the Dwarfs would take them with ease.

His smile disappeared when he saw the size of his enemies. There were hundreds of them! They advanced towards him. Well, all except a group on the Goblin left flank that started fighting among themselves and went nowhere. A hail of arrows from goblin archers tore through the ranks of his Thunderers. Doltsneeze stopped smiling when he saw two of them playing pincushion for the Goblins. In response he signaled the Glade Guard and Warriors to advance.

Several of the small Lizard men fell to the accurate arrows of the Elf archers, but still their numbers were limitless.
The Goblin army continued to advance, firing as they came.
Doltsneeze saw several Elf deaths, but thought little of it. After all, they were only allies. It was the whereabouts of his Miner kin and Rangers he was worried about. He needed them to show up. He moved to the side, allowing the Elf Archers to deal with the Skinks while he prepared to take advantage of the King's Wall in case the approaching Spider Riders should charge. Suddenly he heard a mighty roar from the Goblin army. He turned to see a unit of Night Goblin Spearmen, inspired by the power of the Waaagh, charge into his Thunderers, chasing them from the field. 

This was a disaster of epic proportions. Though his mighty cannon had fired thrice, killing a couple Spider Riders and 5 Night Goblins, he needed the Thunderers to do some damage, not flee in terror. Enraged, he led his Warriors in a furious charge against the Skinks. When they fled, his unit followed, hewing them to the ground to a man. Unfortunately, they bypassed the Goblin general, leaving him unmolested.

He found himself facing the strange lizardmen who called themselves Saurus. The Suarus proved unable to withstand the fury of Doltsneeze and his men and fled, only to be run down and slain.

At the same time, Pintwerp charged the Goblin General and began hewing away at him. For quite some time they danced their deadly duel of death, neither able to penetrate the other's defenses. And more Skinks suddenly arrived on the battlefield, coming in behind the Elf forces.

Fortunately, the Miners showed up as well. They had a chance at saving the cannon if they hurried.

 Unfortunately, the Goblins killed the cannon crew and, even with the fearsome Miners behind them, refused to flee. Meanwhile, the goblin horde massed to take down the Thane and his Ranger force.

While they massed, the mighty Pintwerp finally took down the Goblin General. As it turned out, that was a bad move.

The Skniks, seeing a target, promptly slew him. Meanwhile, the Elves took out another force of Night Goblin Spearmen, the Miners took out their enemy Spearmen, and the Thane and his Rangers moved forward, ready to fight the Night Goblin Netters. 

The Netters proved no match for the enraged Doltsneeze. He and his Rangers promptly got ready to engage the Night Goblin Archers.
The Archers soon fled. The Skinks shot down a couple of Miners, but the Miners had their vengeance by slaying the remaining Skinks. Then the Spider Riders over-ran the remaining Elves. Bothe armies turned to see who was left.

Of the once-mighty Goblin Horde, only a few Spider Riders remined. The Thane and his Rangers saw only three Miners besides themselves. The Spider Riders moved towards the Thane's unit but were no match and soon became mulch...plant food...extinct.

In the end, there were just a few survivors. The Thane, untouched. Seven Rangers. Three Miners. The rest were dead. But the Dwarfs are a hearty folk, unfazed by disasters and they will take the field again some day soon.

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