Monday, May 25, 2009

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Please reply in the comments section if possible or edit this if you prefer which campaign you wish to play in. It can be either or both.

The "big" campaign will have supply centers worth 2500 points and non-supply centers worth 1000 points. This will result primarily in larger games with many Lord-level characters.

The small campaign will have supply centers worth 500 and 250 points which naturally will result in smaller games and probably very few if any Lord-level characters.

You are encouraged to play whichever one you are most comfortable with and if you wish to play in both, that is fine too as long as you play a different army in each one.


Drew: I want to play in both.
Chaos in the big campaign
Wood Elf army in the small campaign.

(note:If Chad ends up playing, he will be in the small campaign and will be the Wood Elf army in which case I will probably go Lizardmen if Phillip will let me use some guys when he isn't playing them...)


Fullur said...

I am up for playing in either or both. I would go Lizardmen in the big campaign, Empire in the small.

kennyB said...

I will dominate...I mean "play" in both. Dark Elves in biggie, and Tomb Kings in smalls.

kennyB said...
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kev said...

I plan on Ogres in the big and Skaven in the small one.

Appropriate, no?

Liam said...

Just a question, say if one person moved into a territory that two other people were moving into, would there infact be a three way battle, or would there be a coin flip or something to that effect to decide who fought first. Also I imagine that if there can be multiple player battles that allies can coordinate attacks on their enemies?

Darth Weasel said...

Good question, Liam. Multi-way battle with each player approaching from the direction they woud be moving map-wise. (North to South, North to West, etc.)
Would definitely change the nature of the battle and that will be a place the Game Masters can get creative. For example, they might decide one army is slower than the other two and will arrive on the flank at a random time:

on a 6+, arrives turn 1, 5+ turn 2, etc. and the game would be longer....something like that might be kind of fun!

Liam said...

Ah so say like I am heading west full speed on horses into a territory already occupied by the Dark Elves, but little do i know the slow and stumpy dwarves are right behind me and could appear halfway through the game in my deployment zone?