Thursday, June 11, 2009

2000 points of Chaos

Just for my own amazement and amusement, I thought I would go through the process of putting together a 2000 point army.

I will start with core. I need three core units.

I know I am fighting the Brettonians and do not fear their shooting. So no need for Marauder screens. On the other hand, my Chaos Warrior big block units have been a disaster. So I am going to switch it up.

Core Unit One:(12) Chaos Warriors w/Shield, Mark of Nurgle, full command, Magic Standard w/War Banner to give me +1 Combat Resolution, 277 points

Core Unit Two as above, except Blasted Standard instead 292 points

Core Unit 3: (20) Marauders w/Full Command, great weapons Mark of Tzeentch, 140 points

(10) Warhounds, 60 points

This is a much different alignment than I normally do. In my head, it sounds worse but with more units, I will have (in theory) more maneuverability. 769 points so far

(5) Knight w/Full Command, Mark of Nurgle, Banner of Rage, 315 points
(5) Knights w/Full Command,Mark of Khorne,  Banner of Wrath, 325 points
These are my "unit I most want to play" ones and a return to the super-fragile 5 man units.

2 Chaos Spawn w/Mark of Tzeentch 130 points
Just because I have the models. And because I think they are quite sub-par. They have no save so are easy to kill.
1499 points so far

General: I need something to deal with the Trebuchet should one show. So...
Prince w/Mark of Tzeentch, Word of Pain 355 points

Exalted Hero w/Shield, Mark of Khorne, Fury of the Blood (MR 2, 4+ Ward v Magic)150 points. I am now at 2004, so drop one Marauder and I have exactly 2000. Unfortunately, the whole point of the Marauders was to use with Wulfrik. So the extra one goes back in, the Exalted Hero comes out, Wulfrik goes in. 

Now I am at 2039. Out come the Warhounds. In go 5 more Marauders, 1999 points. Perfect. 

Again it is an army with a lot of deliberate weaknesses. Once again I auto-lose to anyone with 2+ monsters. With just 2 Heroes I can be Hero-Hammered into the ground. With no combat resolution from a big block of Warriors, I am susceptible to charges. I wanted to put in an army standard bearer w/Banner of Stubbornness, but that would be a 235ish point character and I need the points for Wulfrik to perhaps help out in dealing with the Trebuchet. I also have nothing to deal with magic or to deal it out.

But if I can get into hand to hand combat, this army has a chance. We will see how it goes. And knowing me, I might completely change it. But that is my army-building process.

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