Friday, July 24, 2009

Once More with Feeling

D'oh! I forgot to include how I anticipate I would do against CrisAsUsual and his Vampire Counts which is sad because that is perhaps the most intriguing match-up.

Just to refresh where we are at, I was thinking out loud as I put together my army list for the game with Kev's Ogres Saturday. I inadvertently stumbled on what seems like it might be the perfect list to accomplish all my goals. 

Ideally, it would be an army that, if the breaks go my way, COULD win any game but could also lose most any game. So I deliberately built in certain holes. 

A quick review of my most common opponents reveals that against the Dark Elf army I will lose every game, against the High Elf and Wood Elf armies I will lose 50-60% of the games, against the Lizardmen I probably win 60-75%, against the Dwarfs I win about 80%, and the Ogres and Brettonians I probably go about 50-50. 

But I forgot the Vampire Counts.

That is key. The VC rely on Magic quite heavily and that is an area I deliberately left a hole. I can see a scenario where I get the charge on some random unit of Skeletons, kill 8 or 10, see another half dozen crumble to combat resolution, and two turns later be facing more Skeletons than when I charged as the Vampires Raise Dead and Invocation of Nehek (sic) their way into outnumbering me, flanking me, and so forth. Can I kill them faster than he can resurrect them?

Yet my list is also somewhat set up to face this eventuality. With close combat monsters like Wulfrik and my exalted heroes, I can go after his Vampires and feel decent about my chances of slaying them and stopping their spell-casting. 

Additionally, my Knights make a mockery of his Wraiths so they cause me no fear.

So each encounter might come down to how well he protects his spell-casters verse and whether I can keep my kill rate over his resurrect rate. So there should be some epic encounters there.

I actually think I would win 60 - 70%...but it is purely in the realm of the hypothetical. At the moment, I am really looking forward to the Ogre battle as it provides some intriguing match-ups to me...but now I really want to take this list against the V-C.


kev said...

I'm also keen to face the VC again since the last time I played them was with very little experience with Warhammer, and it was my first time playing the Ogres. They look to be a very intriguing opponent.

Fullur said...

Not sure whether you neglected to mention it or intentionally left it out, but if he beats you in the maneuvering and his wraiths end up against your non-knight line units, they are still a massive threat.

Darth Weasel said...

That is always a danger with any army, being outmaneuvered. But since I will naturally make his Wraiths a target with my Knights and have 2 units, my odds should be good there. My plan is to use my Knights on the flanks of the Warriors so if he attacks the Warriors, he is giving up a flank charge. If not, my Knights can deal with him. Of course, as you say, he might make it so I cannot do that for whatever reason, and those will be some of my "extra" losses.

kennyB said...

Tomb Kings ftw