Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Steadfast: We have been playing it wrong

At least, I have been playing it wrong. I have been playing it like the old Stubborn rule. I.e. You may test on the UNIT'S unmodified leadership. This is not the Steadfast rule.

The Steadfast (and by extension the NEW Stubborn rule) says, "Steadfast units can always take Break tests on their unmodified Leadership (or the General's unmodified Leadership if the testing unit is in range of his Inspiring Presence special rule - see page 107). "

And just for completeness, the new Stubborn rule reads, "Stubborn units are always steadfast, whether or not they have more ranks than their enemy (see page 54 for details)."

Therefore a unit with Ld 6 which is steadfast and in range of its Ld 10 general would roll on an unmodified 10 when they lose the combat.


Darth Weasel said...

one reason the BSB and "leadership bubble" are so important...you can stay around a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time with a re-rolled LD 8, 9 or 10... pretty cool

Liam said...

Are you making a reference to the fact that units which are steadfast can be steadfast on the general's leadership, as opposed to a unit losing by two, being SF on a 6, but using the general's modified leadership of 7 (9-2=7) because it is still better? Because I am pretty sure I've been playing it the former way.

Fullur said...

No sir. I am referring to the fact you can use the general's unmodified leadership. I.e. 9 in your example.

Kahuna said...

I believe in the FAQ it says you can not use inspiring leadership for steadfast, check out page 4 of FAQ under unmodified leadership tests, and then steadfast on page 2 of FAQ