Thursday, July 24, 2014

40k Heresy

Back in (censored) when Fullur, Fixed Dice and I played 40k the Wolves were my army of choice. Partly because I like Wolves, partly because they could pump out lots of terminators. I like terminators.

Of course, Terminators were as broken as could be back then. They had an armor save of 3+...on 2d6. If I remember correctly. Though weapon strength did reduce it. But they were awesome.

And even when they were toned down to a more reasonable level I liked them. One reason I picked Space Wolves when I was deciding to look into 40k again was the possibility of running "LoganWing" (for the uninitiated, Logan Grimnar makes Terminators troop choices so you can essentially run a 100% terminator army).

As I have been painting away, it was with the idea of running them as Space Wolves.

I am not locked into that as I have used iconography from whoever the marines were in the Battle for Macragge set and Space Wolves, I plan to mix in some Dark Angel models as well from Dark Vengeance...

Except I have been reading the Dark Angels rules. And they are actually the army list I want to play. Arguably worse than Space Wolves, they can run essentially all-Terminators with maybe a couple vehicles.

Oh, it would not be a GOOD army. It would number I think 12ish models at 1000 points and add essentially that many models per 1000 points thereafter. They could not put out enough firepower to take out horde armies...or even properly built Space Marine armies...and they could not get to tanks quick enough to overwhelm them. Any Maelstrom of War mission would pretty much be auto-loss..

Belial, 2 units of 5 terminators and a Land Raider is 995 points. Belial pumps out 2 shots at 24" the first unit gives another 10 shots + a cyclone missile launcher, the second unit would most likely put out zero shots as they would be th/ss and the Land Raider puts out a couple Lascannon shots. That is a recipe to lose.

Worse, I spent a ton of time painting up 45ish models in the Space Wolf scheme...which I love.

And the Dark Angels I have were painted by someone else. While they painted them in an "approved"...but I am not fond of either the color scheme or the paint job.

I am notorious for my army hopping. In fantasy I seldom play any army twice in a row. Unless it is Warriors of Chaos who fit me like a glove...small, hard hitting, tough...hmm, sounds like terminators...except the Warriors dish out a ton of attacks. Anyway, I might play Beastmen this game, then O&G, then Warriors, then O&G, then Dwarfs, then Warriors, then High Elves...

So there is no reason to think I will not do the same thing with 40k. The Tau will probably be my "competitive" army with lots of crisis suits rolling around and the Space Wolves will be my most frequently played but mediocre army...and yes, they are the army I will play more than the rest put together...but the Dark Angels may sneak in there a surprising amount. And when I get the models assembled and painted, the Chaos Marines will make a few appearances as well.

I am just surprised to learn the Dark Angels are something I am quickly becoming fond of...

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