Friday, July 18, 2014

Warhammer 40k, Space Wolves v Orks

So on the heels of my first game, there was another guy wanting to play, we settled on 505 points. I had not brought any character models other than the Njal model which I scaled back to a regular Psyker. I went with I think the dreadnought, 6 man grey hunters, and 10 man hunters. I had almost nothing to deal with hordes or armor.

He brought Ork horde. We basically just decided to play "line up and kill the enemy".

He had a mob of 20 boys, another mob of 20 with a big boss with boss-pole, and 5 big shootas.

He chose to let him set up and go first...then seized the initiative.

I advanced slightly to make sure all my guys could shoot, then unleashed my Psyker. Oops, doubles, perils of the warp, wound. Tried a second power with 2 dice...oops, doubles, perils, died. Hmm. Psychic phase is just as strong as my magic use in Fantasy...

At least I took out his 5-man big shootas in the first turn. Wow, already better than last game.

He moved forward as far as possible, unleashed 40+ shots and did not a single wound.

I made a slight retrograde movement to make charging harder and started whittling down his unit with the Big Boss, who made about 5 Look Out sir rolls over the course of the game and passed all but the last one.

I was never able to turn my attention to the guys on the right but on turn 3 he failed his charge and initially failed his morale check, but then remembered the Boss pole and passed it.

I had a choice. He was about 3" in front of my 10 Grey Hunters. If I fired I would get rapid fire, 20 shots and not get +10 attacks for attacking, but not face overwatch. Quick math told me the 20 shots I lost were more than the 10 attacks I gain so I fired.

What a colossal blunder. First off, he had more guys than me, so he gained more attacks by charging. Second, I had bolt pistols...I could have fired them and then charged, thus losing 10 shots but getting the charge and keeping him from getting 12-14 attacks, whatever number of orcs he had left, and their overwatch does not bother me much, I might lose 1-2 models at worst. Oh, and I could stop any potential Hammer of Wrath for him.

So I rapid fire, whittle him down, he charges next turn, a full 20 boys into my 6 men and the others into my 10 man. My Overwatch does nothing, really. He gets Hammer of Wrath with he 20 models and takes out like 3 of my guys right there. They have about 5 attacks each so of course he wipes my unit out.

Meanwhile, I forget I have counterattack and cost myself another 10 attacks but put a hurt on his big unit.

Next turn I charge my Dreadnought in and take on his Big Boss. I wipe out the rest of that unit but am down to 4 or 5 guys at this point. I am far short of the number of guys I had back at the beginning of the seen above.

Anyway, I forget the Dreadnought CC weapon does not go last so his Boss and my dreadnought attacked at the same time.

Had we been keeping track, this was turn 5.

Turn 6 he charged his other mob in and in the dreadnought and boss killed each other. Turn 7 he finished off all but one of my grey hunters.

This game was played in about 40 minutes. It was what I had wanted the first game to be...very small, play, fast results, learned a lot, figured out a lot of mistakes I made...and had I played it properly, I probably would have done much, much better.

Really enjoyed the game, look forward to my next one.

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