Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Warhammer 40k Space Wolves V. Dark Angels

So I invited a few of the Starving Crazed Weasels over for some introductory Warhammer 40k games. In preparation, I made lists for the Tau, Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Space Wolves, and Chaos Space Marines. Each list was 505 points and included a very basic commander, a unit or two of basic troops, something "hard to crack" and something that could crack tough stuff.

Example; the Tau had 3 Crisis suits, 1 with a Fusion Blaster, all with a Shield Drone so they are rolling a 4++. The Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels each had a unit of Terminators and something in that unit to crack same. Space Wolves got a Dreadnought with a multi-melta. Ultramarines had a Lascannon on a Vindicator.

Fixed Dice and his son made it so we decided to roll random. He rolled up the Dark Angels and I rolled up...Space Wolves. 1 in 4 chance of same army I have played all the time and I got it. Pretty funny.

I put one unit guarding the objective in cover, the second unit ready to go after the objective in the middle of the field and the dreadnought on the far left. They put the terminators behind the building opposite mine, combat squadded the other two and put the missile launcher up high, the 5 guys down low by the objective where I promptly forgot about them.

Space Wolf Turn 1 
With my unit in the open I started moving towards the ruins in the middle. I planned to take cover, try to take out terminators with Plasma shots and sheer volume of fire, then seize the objective late in the game. The Drednought advanced on the left flank.I took a few shots, doing nothing to the Terminators and taking out a couple of marines on the left.

Dark Angel Turn 1
He ran his terminators out of the forest, saving the wound caused by the only Dangerous Terrain test he failed. His shooting was inconsequential for the most part...but that part was huge. He glanced my Dreadnought with his Missile Launcher.

Space Wolf Turn 2
I had good line of sight on the Terminators and unleashed everything. Did a wound with the plasma this time...to myself when it got hot and i could not save. He saved all the potential wounds. Did take out a couple marines on the left with the dreadnought. He was down to just two. meanwhile, I got into the ruins, passing all my dangerous terrain tests.

Dark Angel Turn 2
He got into the building with his terminators and took out a marine from my building. He also glanced the Dreadnought a second time with the missile launcher.

Space Wolf Turn 3
I unleashed everything at the terminators from both units. He actually failed two saves this time...3 turns of shooting and I finally have taken him out. Sadly, he then saved both wounds I caused with the Plasma... Unfortunately, the Dreanought rolled a 1 for the Melta and he saved the wound the Stormbolter caused.

Dark Angel Turn 3
He realized the 5+ cover save was pointless in light of their invulnerable save and figured out I was holding 2 objectives to his 1. He started coming out of the building towards my big unit in the center of the table. He also moved out the unit I had forgetten and got his Melta within 12" of the Dreadnought, hitting it, penetrating...goodbye Dreadnought.

Space Wolf Turn 4
I desperately needed some kill points and tried, I really did...but I could not take out his 3 marines and his Terminators. I think I took out 2 of the 3 marines but it would not be enough. meanwhile, I moved the big unit out from the cover of the building they had been in since the beginning of the game in a desperate attempt at his terminators.

Dark Angel Turn 4
He charged my Grey Hunters by the objective. Overwatch whiffed, though I did blow up my Plasma gun with it. I hit and hit hard, but he saved 7 or 8 potential wounds, then killed all but 1 of my Marines with his power fists.

Space Wolf Turn 5
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I thought about hiding my 1 trooper but decided to take every shot I could at the Terminators. I hit hard and he saved another 6 or 7 potential wounds. In his turn he killed my last trooper and ran to hide. I covered two objectives to his one and I think finished off his terminators on the 6th turn but either way he had first blood, an objective and 2 kill points to my one kill point and 2 objectives for the win.

What went Right
I hit with a ton of shooting. My plan was pretty solid. I maximized my firing opportunities, concentrated fire, I just could not wound. I got every objective I reasonably could.

What went Wrong
My Dreadnought got outshot by a missile launcher despite having 3 shots/turn to his 1. I put so many wounds on the terminators they made about 10 saves for every fail. But that is what Terminators do. I mis-placed my Dreadnought, he should have been in the center of the table. And when he charged with his Terminators...it was over. Grey Hunters with no Power Weapon simply cannot deal with 2+ saves except by pure volume, and that is bad strategy.

It was a ton of fun, hopefully they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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