Monday, September 15, 2014

War of the Relics; Fade to Grey

Gunvor fired his Storm Bolter at the Warp Talons threatening the last two members of Marius' Grey Hunters. He did not know if it was his storm bolter or the assault cannon and did not care, he simply felt satisfaction as vengeance was wreaked for the death of the Grey Hunters. Both Warp Talons fell dead.

Marius' Plasma gun and Missile Launcher stopped running and cheered the friendly fire offered by Gunvor.

Luce gestured toward the dreadnought and a Krak missile struck it clearly in front, but the armor defelected it from doing any damage. 
The Dreadnought began making its way through the rubble, firing its Lascannon into Luce's chest, but his armor was as effective as that of the Dreadnought had been.

Zhi recognized he would quickly be surrounded and the pointless long-range fire-fight with the Terminator was accomplishing nothing. He led his men at a run trying to achieve the shelter of the nearby ruins. He hoped to reach them before the rest of his unit got shot to pieces.
Gunvor heard Logan's report over his headset and began moving to set up a fire lane on the approaching Ta Fire Warriors. Marius' Grey Hunters fired a Frag Missile at the Fire Warriors, killing a couple. Logan and Njal fired at them as well and Njal unleashed his Psychic might at them, reducing them to just two remaining warriors. It was too much for Zhi and they began running.

Meanwhile a new unit of Grey Hunters entered the field and began moving toward the relic to Gunvor's right.

The Deathwing moved toward the Ultramarine Dreadnought. This time the Krak Grenade penetrated its armor. Not satisfied, Luce led his men in a charge, and the overwatch fire missed them completely.

 Against all odds he was able to not die to the crushing blow of the Dreadnought power fist.

The Dreadnought, however, was not so fortunate as multiple blows penetrated its armor, killing it outright.
Before he could lead his men back to the relic they were guarding, Grey Hunters appeared to his right. They opened fire with plasma guns and bolters.
The plasma guns were ineffective, as one missed and the other saw the Terminator armor look invulnerable to it. The Bolter fire was more effective and three Deathwing Terminators slumped to the ground.
With that the Space Wolves held the field and the Relics. The cost had been high, but they intended to make sure it was worth it.

Things spiraled out of control. The combination of the order I rolled units to arrive, what units arrived, what their objectives were combined to make this a slaughter. The Space Wolves held the center of the field, had 2 Lord-level characters, 2 full units of Grey Hunters, 2 heavy weapons from one Grey Hunter unit, a couple Terminators...units coming on one at a time would just run into a buzzsaw.

I have learned a great deal about the game, this seemed a good time to end it.

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