Friday, July 30, 2010

War of the Shrine Part 6: Orcs and Goblins

Alaquippa smiled as he gazed around the field. Surely, this would be the greatest Waaaaggghhhh ever assembled...just look at all the enemies there for him to defeat!
Pointy Ears to the left and right, stunties straight ahead, and beyond all that masses of humans, ogres...plenty of enemies. This battle would be regaled for all history. He would be the greatest warlord of all time.
Sitting Lightning sidled up, chewing the bone through his nose. "The Shrine of Mork is befouled by the pointy ears. We should cleanse it."
Alaquippa guffawed loudly, drawing the gaze of every orc and goblin near him. "I care not for some moldy old shrine. Look at the glory to be found before us!"
"Fine," snarled Sitting Lighting, "I shall see to it myself."
He turned to build an attack when the Dwarf line opened fire and the High Elf line moved forward.
Without waiting for Alaquippa to give orders, the greenskins swung into action. With a might roar, the giant and chariot roared off to rend squishy elf flesh apart.
Meanwhile, on the far flank, the irrepressible Squig Hoppers bounded forward, unmindful of the massive and deadly Treeman in their way. Alongside them, the spearmen rode up to heave their javelins at the Waywatchers nearby.

The orc and goblin shamans swung into action. The foot of Gork descended again and again, smashing apart an Organ Gun, denting the cannon next to it and killing a crewman, killing a handful of Dwarf Warriors.
The squeakier magic of the goblin shaman slew only a Dwarf Miner and for a moment silence descended over the battlefield...but then the hand of gork swooped down and swept forward a unit of Spearmen.
Startled, three maniacal fanatics sprung forth, wheeling their wild destructive path through the stoic Miners.

Close behind them, flung by the ghostly hand, the spearmen crashed into the Miners, the third wave of destruction to hit them in mere moments.
Alaquippa gazed from combat to combat, watching as the chariot took a dent and his Troll began bleeding as the Giant jumped up and down on a White Lion, squashing him to a pulp.
The spearmen struggled to wound the Miners, but the few attacks the Miners could do back did little more. For a moment the Miners wavered...the blast of magic, arrows, fanatics and Spearmen appearing to be too much. But then the Dwarf battle Standard stepped up and they remembered they were Dwarfs. There would be no running from goblin scum.

(The Dwarf gunline, reduced by 6 Thunderers and an Organ Gun)
6 Thunderers
1 Organ Gun & Crew
1 wound to cannon & 1 crewman dead
1 White Lion
1 Wound on the Treeman
2 Night Goblin Spearmen 1 wound apiece on the chariot and troll

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