Thursday, July 29, 2010

War of the Shrine Part 5: High Elf turn 1

Lord Aelna Rua stared grimfaces at the forces arrayed around the field. He had believed only he had learned what lay within the pyramid, but here were gathered mighty forces from across the globe.

He quickly began to regret bringing only a skeleton force. It would require shrewd planning to survive this battle. He turned to instruct his mages on how we wished them to use their magic when suddenly the Dwarf cannons and handguns roared too life.

Before he could react, warhounds were charging the flank. With the precision so drilled into them it was second nature, the spearmen swung around to repel the threat. He smiled at their precision and skill as they dispatched a few of the dogs...

And then frowned as they foolishly charged headlong into the elite ranks of infantry whose advance had been hidden by the reckless charge of the warhounds.

Before he could stop them, the Dragon princes wheeled and charged into the combat to support their brethren.

It horrified him even as pride flowed forth from him. That was why he had brought these Elves with him..their courage and togetherness.

That sense of pride only grew as he watched the Dragon Prince Champion bellow out a challenge which was promptly accepted. With all the skill at his command, the Dragon Prince cut down his foe.

The smile quickly faded as Aelna felt the line behind him move. Too late to stop it, he turned and saw the White Lion Chariot charge headlong into a unit of Dwarf Pirates and his own elite White Lions charge into some Night Goblin Spider riders.

He spun to his war machines, mages, and bowmen. "Fire! Fire! Fire!" he screamed.

His battle plan was already in shambles, but he would support his courageous warriors anyway.

Magic flashed forth, only to see enemy mages counter almost everything his own tried.

He watched helplessly as a massive bolt from his Eagle Claw bounced off the horrifying Shaggoth, but the other bolt thrower and the ranks of archers managed to fell 4 of the handguns that had taken such a toll on them moments before.

He turned back to see how his Dragon Princes were faring in time to see all of the Spearmen cut down. The Dragon Princes broke and ran, closely pursued by the Chosen warriors.

He was not sure if he was elated or terrified to see his well-disciplined archers swing in to intercept the Chosen, allowing the Dragon princes to escape, but it would doubtless mean the end of that unit.

On the left, things went better as the Spider Riders died in droves and fled, allowing the White Lions to charge into the Troll behind them.

He hesitated briefly, debating what to do. Already outnumbered, his battle line had crumbled in the first seconds of the battle. Was there any way to bring order out of chaos and rescue the situation?
4 Thunderers
1 Warrior
5 Spider Riders
2 Chosen
6 High Elf Spearmen

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