Friday, July 30, 2010

War of the Shrine; Part 7: Wood Elf

Oakheart Wylde looked grimly on the battlefield. The short men had chosen wisely...there were no trees for Wylde to hide his brethren in. The mighty Treemen and Treekin would be hampered by not having the strength of the forests to look upon.

He glared in anger as the strange men on his left flank sent a giant after his treeman and with hatred as the cackling squig hoppers moved towards his other flank.

He would prefer a different field. He would prefer not to be so far from his beloved Purewater Breezewalker. But that was what he wished. This was what was.

One gesture sent Wardancers, treekin, and Dryads to help their embattled brethren. A second unleashed massive flights of arrows. He could not worry now about what he was time to win the battle.

He smiled as he watched the skilled Glade Riders plunge ahead to block off the human horsemen. At pointblank range they unleashed their bows, slaying 40% of the hard-riding foes.

A few Dwarf Warriors also fell under the skilled bow fire of his Waywatchers and Glade Guard but few...too few. Curse those Dwarfs and their stout armor.

The Wardancers crashed into the battle alongside the mighty treeman. Their graceful moves entranced the deadly but stupid Squig Hoppers long enough for the Wardancers to cut down 5 of them.

However, the Treeman reeled momentarily as one Squig Hopper penetrated his defenses. Nevertheless, the strength of the Wood Elf charge was too much for the few remaining Squig Hoppers. They tried to flee but were run down.

Seeing the onrushing Wood Elfs, the Night Goblins released their deadliest weapons. With a maniacal chuckle, a Fanatic burst forth from their ranks, penetrating the thick bark that protected the treeman.

It only slowed him momentarily, however, and the Treeman, pitch seeping through his bark, joined the powerful wardancers in assaulting the Night Goblin Spearmen. Oakheart smiled, knowing the devastation about to be unleashed on the greenskins and turned to see how his other flank was faring.

The smile disappeared as he saw the Treekin crash into the Chaos Knights. One Knight fell under the onslaught...but so too did a Treekin. Oakheart knew he needed a better return in that battle.
He saw one of his Dryads take a piece out of a cursed Chaos Spawn only to die from the riposte.
Then the giant swung his mighty club at the treeman guarding that flank. Oakheart's heart jumped into his throat...that blow could kill Jahn E Treemayne...but the mystic wards surrounding Jahn deflected the blow, and his own attack staggered the giant.
9 Squig Hoppers
2 Marauder Horsemen
3 Wolf Riders
4 Dwarf Warriors
3 Wounds on the Chaos Giant
1 Wound on a Chaos Spawn
Lost 1 Treekin
Lost 1 Dryad
Took 2 Wounds on the previously unwounded Treeman

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kennyB said...

Well done! Performing quite well for an oakie out of his element! =D