Monday, July 26, 2010

The War of the Shrine: The set-up

Though lately I have been playing a lot of small games, there are times I want to play something big. Something huge. Something massive.

There are also times I want to try out things I seldom Warriors of Chaos Forsaken, who honestly might be the worst unit in the entire army in any book.

Over-priced, worse than cheaper core troops, not survivable, taking away a slot better spent on Knights or Dragon Ogres or...well, anything not called Forsaken.

And so forth.

I also like rolling out every (painted) figure I have as what it is.

The problem is...that makes it tough to have a balanced game.

Unless, of course, I play every side.
So I came up with a scenario...the table would be too small, but that could be handled with a couple of minor adjustments.
The sizes of the forces would not be equal...which could also be handled with special rules.
And off I went.
Some of the special rules:
- any model within 12" of a shrine held by their side gains a 5+ Ward Save. If they already have a ward save, it adds +2 to that save to a minimum of 2+.
- Charges are always against the front even if only a flank is a viable target, unless that unit is already engaged.
- Shooting troops are granted an additional rank.
Any army that gains control of all three shrines for one complete turn wins.
I then gave shrines to the army that would be in the center and the two smallest armies and began setting up.
The mess you see in the opening photo is the result.


kennyB said...

That is SPECTACULAR!!! Sa-Weeet!

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