Sunday, August 24, 2014

War of the Relics begins

Captain Aelius of the Ultramarines moved slowly and cautiously amongst the ruins. he paused to look at the map one more time. If he headed due north he should come upon the object of his search. He wished he knew what the object was but of course his father, Aemilius, had never been one to make things easy on his son. He had simply appeared from nowhere with a pass giving Aelius leave, the map, and instructions to recover an item of value from the location on the map.

So here he was armed with his trusty Storm Bolter and power sword moving through this ancient alien battlefield. There must have been a massive battle at some point. In the distant northeast he could see some ruined buildings that showed evidence of heavy shelling. Various redoubts, barricades, and bunkers littered the field and totems, both alien and of the Imperium were everywhere.

There seemed nobody around at first, and then he heard the hum of a skimmer ahead of him...

I rolled up "Space Marines" codex, rolled "HQ" and rolled Captain. He rolled up "Seize objective 6" and entered in quarter 4. I gave him a turn, rolled up the next entrant, gave him another turn, and then gave a turn to....

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