Tuesday, August 26, 2014

War of the Relics; Going berzerk

Commander Bau moved forward confidently. He gave brief consideration to scanning that life form he had registered but dismissed the idea. His task was to locate the signal and find out what it was. Any life here was too small and insignificant to matter. He advanced steadily, ignoring whatever it was moving slowly behind him.

Captain Aelius crested the hill and stared off to the left. He had been right. There was a Tau Hammerhead with its' massive, destructive Railgun slowly tracking back and forth in front of it. 

He breathed a sigh of relief. What he was feeling could not truly be called fear but neither was he a stupid man. He was a very capable warrior, but taking on a mainline tau battletank single-handedly was nothing he wanted to attempt.

He paused to consider whether he should return to his craft and call in his chapter to deal with the tank. Ahead of him however, almost within reach, was his goal. If he did return and call down the Ultramarines, the Tau would doubtless respond in kind and in the battle that would rage over this planet, he might lose for all time whatever it was his father wanted him to find. Grimly he pressed on towards his goal.

Ganzorig rolled his shoulders and gestured his men forward. It was an unfortunate path they had landed on, but that mattered little. Ahead of him was the siren song of a fallen warrior whose spirit was rumored to inhabit this planet.

Ganzorig could not recall the name of the fallen hero, but stories told of his stand in battle had called his acts and example of "steel courage". Since that was the meaning of Ganzorig's name he had decided to lead his band of Berzerkers in search of the final resting place of this fallen hero in order to see if he could enhance his own power in battle.

Backed by another 19 Berzerkers of his platoon, he worked his way through the rather difficult terrain, heading towards where he believed the fallen hero to be.

Army three was Chaos Space Marines, Elites, Berzerkers. They rolled objective 4 which was a foot or so behind Captain Aelius and came in on edge 6. An interesting situation is developing that sees 20 khornic Berzerkers advancing towards a single Chapter Captain of the Ultramarines while the Tau Hammerhead sits unchallenged since as yet nothing is on the battlefield that can touch the Hammerhead...

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