Sunday, August 31, 2014

War of the Relics; Terminators Everywhere

Though there was but one Berzerker remaining Decimus did not take him lightly. Even had he such a notion, the armor of the Berzerker proving up to the task of deflecting his blows would have disabused him of that notion, even as the armor of his squad-make sparked in defiance of the Berzerker's attacks.

The power armor did, however, melt under the hammering, crushing blows of the power fist blows dealt by the Ultramarine terminators. As the last Chaos Space Marine crumpled to the ground, Decimus was already leading his men towards their nearby objective.

I considered moving them towards the Space Wolf Terminators but A) 3 Termies v. 10 seems heavily weighted in the favor of the 10 and B) three Terminators in cover could prove a tough nut to crack. Plus, sliding into the terrain having garnered a kill point and now seizing their objective, the Ultramarines added two VP to their total.

Tau: 3 (Objective)
Space Wolves: 3  First Blood, Kill point (HQ), Objective
Ultramarines: 3 (kill point (Hammerhead), kill Point (Berzerkers), objective

Gunvor watched the demolition of the red-clad chaos space marines with interest. Here was a worthy foe. Yet he could not leave his post. Hastily barked orders saw his men string out towards the Ultramarines while still maintaining contact with their objective. 

The Assault Cannons chattered death, sending two Ultramarine Terminators spinning down in defeat. The Storm Bolters hit often, but the remaining Terminator stood firm and unharmed.

I was considering charging them into combat, but the stratagem of the Ultramarines to get into cover meant the charge was unlikely to reach. Better to maintain the VP for controlling the objective. Ironically, the felling of two terminators to Assault Cannons probably save the third one's life after he made 7 saves against Storm Bolter wounds as it was just too far to reach him.

Nergui cursed as he saw his landing position. With the failure of the incompetent Ganzorig, Nergui* had been sent to this planet to recover the instructions to a particularly effective bomb. The equally incompetent minion running the teleporter had missed their target. Now in front of him stood a full unit of the hated Space Wolf Terminators. Worse, they were between him and his objective...

He considered having his men charge in and tear the Wolves apart in close combat but the sight of several Storm Shield and Thunder hammer wielding Terminators dissuaded him from such an aggressive choice. Instead he ordered his men to open fire. 

With a furious roar they unleashed a firestorm upon their enemies. Sparks flew as Reaper Autocannons, Combi-bolters and flamers roared their vicious song of death and destruction on the Space Wolves. 

With dismay Nergui saw not one Wolf fall...

The Chaos Space Marines drew objective 5. I almost dropped them in any other part of the field, but this scenario is not set up to be "balanced" per se, it is set up to see how the rules work such as Deep Strike, and also to measure the various weapons against the various armors. So I followed my admittedly artificial yet highly entertaining self-made scenario rule and tried to Deep Strike on top of the objective the wolves were holding. 

Unfortunately they scattered a mighty 11" and then, while their accuracy was phenomenal, only missing 2 or 3 shots, between rolling low on the wound attempts and high on the armor saves, they could not put a single Wolf out of commision. On the bright side, this means the pressure is off of Decimus, the lonely Ultramarine terminator guarding objective 6...

*Nergui means "no name" in Mongolian. The joke will soon be evident...

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