Saturday, August 23, 2014

Warhammer 40 K Epic Plans

A long time ago in a house far, far away I came up with an unbelievably stupid plan. I decided to use every model I had to play a massive game of Warhammer Fantasy.

With myself.

So was born "The War of the Shrines", an epic game that saw the entire table covered in models. It was a great deal of fun and I learned a ton about the capabilities of various models, some about the game rules themselves and a lot about how the various armies interacted with one another.

Warhammer 40k is a much different game that does not set up well for lining up line troops across from each other and taking turns.

However, with the "Maelstrom" missions, an idea was born. I could set up 6 objectives in various parts of the field, randomly roll up units to come on the board, and give each unit an objective.

So the blue marines are each objectives. From the bottom left going up the left side of the table are objectives 1 through 3 with objective four being bottom right on up to objective 6 in the top corner.

When a unit comes on the board it rolls d6 and comes on the table edge rolled and furthest from its objective. Deep Striking units are allowed to Deep Strike which can lead to intense mayhem.

When a unit achieves its objective it does not roll a new unit but instead scores a point every turn it achieves the objective. Should a unit roll a mission it cannot perform it is allowed to re-roll (i.e. if it rolls shoot down a flyer, there being no flyers yet (unless I finish painting the Tau Sunshark), it re-rolls.

Then I took the 5 army books I have painted units for and assigned them a random number...okay, not random, I went alphabetically. On a 6 I re-roll UNLESS it gets out of hand...say I have brought on 4 units for 4 of the armies and one for the last army, I would assign the "6" to that army until they had something on the board. In other words, the game is random but with hand-wave elements to somewhat even it out.

I know you  are rolling your eyes and laughing, but lets face have seen me have worse ideas.

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