Monday, August 25, 2014

War of the Relics: Enter the Tau

Commander Bau's com-unit crackled as the Hammerhead rolled into the target vicinity.

"Any sightings of enemy activity?"

Bau scanned the various displays, seeing exactly what he expected. A couple of minor life-form readings popped up, most likely those from animal life on this desolate, war-ravaged planet. There were no credible threats, however.

"Nothing worth checking out yet, sir."

Idly he wondered what the Ethereal's name was but being a good soldier he dismissed the irrelevant question from his mind. He was here to find out what was giving off such interesting readings from this region. The tech sept believed it might be weapon technology they wished to study.

Slowly he advanced his Hammerhead. He expected no opposition on this mission. Whatever battle had happened here had been so devastating it was amazing even whatever that brief blip of life to his left was here. 

It would be a quick, easy mission. He nodded to the driver who throttled the skimmer forward, avoiding the rough terrain to their right.

A Tau Heavy Weapon was the second roll, further sub-rolled to be a Hammerhead tank. It is seeking out objective "2" and came in on objective 5, giving it just a short cross-table hop. 

Captain Aelius heard the drone and searched his memory. He knew that sound. It was a skimmer and, unless he missed his guess, it was a Tau skimmer. 

He began moving towards the nearby hill, hoping to catch a glimpse of it without being seen himself. Why would the Tau be anywhere near this forsaken, war-blasted wreck of a planet, much less this field which had lain fallow for years, possibly centuries?

Briefly he considered radioing for help, then wryly laughed at himself. He was jumping at shadows. He might just be imagining those sounds, creating enemies where there were none. Besides, even if there were a Tau or other enemy force present, he doubted his vox unit would reach off-planet to summon assistance anyway. Whether there was an enemy presence or not, he was on his own. 

He reached down and patted his trusty power sword hilt. If there were enemies here, he would just have to show them what it meant to tangle with an Ultramarine.

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