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War of the Relics; Tactical decisions

Commander Bau gave the order and again his Railgun hammered away, this time firing into the swirling melee of Berzerkers and ultramarine terminators. He did not really care who he hit, he just wanted to hit someone. The gun drones followed his lead. 

He nearly clenched his fist in glee as he saw the railgun strike a terminator square in the back, but squelched the celebration as he saw the terminator continue fighting unfazed, even as the pulse rifles also hammered into it without doing any damage.

Finally the Railgun hits something...and then rolls a 1 to wound. Both pulse rifle shots wounded but were saved. Tau, the reputed best shooting unit...I know, I know, one unit. But these are typical results I see for 1-shot items. I consistently roll at least one "1" on them even in fantasy. My faith in the Hammerhead is only saved because the Space Wolf terminators in front of it are going to have to get into base contact to be able to hurt it, and then they only have 3 weapons that can, the Thunder Hammers. It is invulnerable to every shooting item currently on the field.

Ganzorig watched in frustration as his best shot was shrugged off by Decimus. Decimus' power sword was more effective, cleaving through another Berzerker. His compatriots were no more successful, failing to damage their enemies. Meanwhile, the ponderous blows of the Terminators felled three more of his men. The battle was beginning to look hopeless. He had had such faith in his men when he led the charge in but now there were just a handful standing while only one of their foes had fallen.

He pointed his weapon at Decimus. "Let us end this man to man!" The sergeant nodded and the two began their own private duel.

The shrinking number of attacks being dealt by the Berzerkers was not helped when the Terminators only had to make 3 saves. The advantage of going first is only an advantage if they do something with it and Berzerkers are simply not well-equipped to take on heavily armored enemies.  Meanwhile, the Terminators did very few wounds in return, but the power weapons allowing no saves means every wound is a casualty. I am seeing a good use for Terminators...and it is not trying to outshoot volume-fire units.

Decimus saw Ganzorig's challenge and instantly moved to accept it. He saw the blow coming and, trusting his armor, allowed it to strike him, cleaving through his enemy with one well-placed strike. Quickly he turned to see his men dispatch 2 more of their enemies. The outcome of this battle was a foregone conclusion.

Gunvor looked off to the right. He saw the swirling melee of combat and considered heading over to finish off both opponents. He also saw the Hammerhead directly ahead. The tank's massive Railgun could pick his men off long before they could get in range to smash it to bits with their power fists and thunder hammers. 

Yet his mission was not to destroy Tau tanks or any other enemies. He moved towards the location he had been instructed to take and hold. He did not know why that location mattered but it mattered not. He was a Space Wolf and he would do as ordered. 

The Terminator armor did not allow great speed, but it was enough. He had arrived at his destination.

I considered having the Space Wolves fire indiscriminately into the Terminators and Berzerkers but ultimately elected to take the objective instead. Take the sure VP.

VP: Tau 4
Space Wolves 3 

Captain Cyprianus led his marines towards the field he had been told held the remains of a key piece of the gene-seed. How it had come to be left on such a desolate planet he did not know but apparently the battle that had taken long ago had been rediscovered by chapter scholars. Various teams had been sent out to recover fallen warriors and technologies. No opposition was expected.

It was there, though.

Straight ahead he saw the rear of a Tau Hammerhead. With their standard precision his men swung into action. A Krak missile was fired almost as the tank hove into view, the azure beam of his unit's plasma cannon arcing by moments later, even as the remainder of the unit hurled Krak grenades at the tank.

Explosions rocked the tank as the weak armor in it's rear was penetrated again and again by the savage assault. It settled to the ground in wreckage, never to rise again.

Tau; 4
Space Wolves 3
Ultramarines 1

The Tactical Marines need objective 3 and came on area 2. The Tanks' rear armor was of course immune to their bolters and the snap shot of the Missile launcher missed, but the Plasma Gun penetrated and several Krak Grenades did so also.

Then I thought about it and the Bolters actually could have glanced the rear to death, but I think remembering the Krak grenades was good as it gave me a chance to see them in action and remember that is a good option in 8" ranges against tough targets.

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