Monday, September 1, 2014

War of the Relics: Terminators gonna Terminate

Having destroyed the Tau Hammerhead, the tactical marines kept moving toward their objective, taking a few ineffective shots at the Space Wolf Terminators.

Decimus grimaced. He was the sole remaining member of his squad. The Berzerkers had fought in honorable combat. The treacherous Space Wolves, however, had no right to open fire on him. Angered but still wise, he retreated deeper into cover, firing his Storm Bolter as he went.

Snake-eyes to wound...not good...but he still holds the objective. At this point Decimus' role is to hold that objective as long as model-ly possible (because saming humanly possible seems silly)

Gunvor snarled in rage. How dare those foul Chaos Terminators stand so close to his wolves. Gesturing behind him he led his men towards them, firing as he went. Bullets chipped away paint under the deafening crush of fire as both assault cannons roared their anger at the Chaotit interlopers, storm bolters howled their rage but it was impotent as the armor of their enemies stood proof against all the fire the Wolves could pour on them.

"Charge!" Gunvor roared, only to be met by a withering hail of fire. Two of his men fell under the responding torrent of fire as his howling Wolves surged into hand to hand combat with their despised enemies.

Then again, anyone not a wolf was a despised enemy...though less despised when they fought well.

Nergui and his Chaos Terminators did just that. A power Maul slew one Wolf before he could even swing. Three more Wolves fell to the crushing blows of Chaos Power Fists even as they themselves ripped the entire unit of Chaos Terminators apart in a flurry of Thunder Hammer and Power Fist blows.

Whether his blood lust was momentarily sated or the cold reality he had lost 60% of his command in one furious charge, Gunvor regained his sense of mission and hastily ordered his men back towards their objective.

The Space Wolves failed to wound on nearly 5/6ths of their shots and the ones that wounded were saved. Meanwhile, Chaos Terminator overwatch only managed to wound twice...but snake-eyes meant two Space Wolf Terminators gone.

Then the Power Maul went first and another 1 meant another Wolf gone before they could swing. When it was 10-5 it looked like a clear and easy Space Wolf win, but a couple fortuitous rolls in the favor of Chaos swung things wildly the other way.

After handily dismissing the unit, the remaining 4 Terminators consolidated towards their objective, just managing to get within 3" and make it a 2-point turn.

Ingvar led his Long Fangs to the crest of the first hill he saw. His orders were clear. If something moved and was not a Space Wolf, shoot it. If it is still twitching, get a bigger gun. rinse, repeat.

He saw the four Space Wolf Terminators moving with purpose and behind them saw a single enemy terminator. Almost before they stopped moving the Lascannons of Jannick and the Stump roared their ruby red beams and the two missile launchers he commanded sent Krak Grenades towards the lone Terminator. All missed by a wide margin, but Ingolf was not cocerned. Anything they hit while moving was pure bonus. He held the hill with a good field of fire. It was time to settle in and get to killing...

With one full unit of Ultramarine tacticals and a single Terminator against 4 Space Wolf Terminators, it was wide open for anything to come. I thought it was funny the Wolves got long-range support. 

Here is where I slightly adjusted the roll...their initial task was destroy a unit on close combat. Them being Long fangs, it made "cinematic sense" to make their Objective to wipe out a unit in the Shooting Phase so I did. Unfortunately, they came on the furthest edge of the field from anyone...

Tau: 3 (Objective)
Space Wolves: 5  First Blood, 2 Kill points (HQ) (Chaos terminators), Objective (2 turns)
Ultramarines: 4 (kill point (Hammerhead), kill Point (Berzerkers), objective (2 turns)

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