Thursday, September 11, 2014

War of the Relics; All Logan, All the Time

Gunvor had enough. Waving his men forward, he moved toward the Land Raider. As they began their charge, the Land Raider opened fire, killing one of his men. Furious, Gunvor and his remaining squadmate hammered at it with their Power Fists, ripping great gaping holes in the side. The smoke billowing forth let him know the Land Raider threat had been removed.

Luce directed his men, once more putting Storm Shields between his men and the withering hail of fire the Crisis Suits could lay down. This time one of his Cyclone Missile Launchers used a frag grenade. It had some effect, blowing up one of the shield drones. The other fired a Krak missile, but is sailed harmlessly by the Crisis Suits.

Marius motioned his men to redeploy. With the land Raider removed, the biggest threat was the Crisis Suit team. They were currently engaging the Deathwing terminators, but should they turn their attention on his exposed me the Grey Hunters would be in trouble. His men fired on command. The withering hail of fire could only take down the two remaining Shield Drones, but it was enough. Bereft of of defenses, the Tau commander led his men in retreat from the field.

The Tau had a run of bad luck culminating in rolling a 9 on a LD 8 test and being mere inches from the board. The difference between LD8 and LD9 is proving HUGE in this game. Something to think about when building units. Bring a pack leader to get that 9.

Njal heard a sound behind him. Always prepared, he again cast Shroud on himself.

Batbayor saw the distraction of the Deathwing and made a run to get behind the building. Though he was trying to get across the field, ahead he saw a Space Wolf Psyker. He readied his Lightning Claws. If he could take down a psyker, so much the better.

Logan Grimnar knew Njal was somewhere close by but it mattered not. His intelligence told him an artifact of potentially tremendous power was hidden on this field. If he saw Njal it would be great. If not, no matter, he would slay anything in his path to seize his mission objective.

Tau 3 objective x 3, Overwhelming Firepower 1 
Space Wolves 30 First Blood, kill points x7, objectives x20, Overwhelming Firepower x2
Ultramarines 8;  kill points x2, objective x6
Dark Angels: 7 Kill Point x2, Objective x 5
Chaos Space Marines: 0

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