Friday, September 12, 2014

War of the Relics; A feeling of Dread is in the air

Gunvor licked his wounds as he returned to his post guarding the objective. He nodded his gratitude to Marius and his men whose willingness to guard it had allowed him to go after the Land Raider.

Luce directed his men to fire on the Grey Hunters. He had the satisfaction of seeing the frag grenades start causing casualties.

Njal knew how powerful a Chaos Lord could be in single combat. He took a few steps back to give himself the high ground and again cast Shroud on himself, then unleashed living lightning at the Chaos Lord. unfortunately the Terminator Armor stood firm against the mystical onslaught.

Marius gestured his men into position. The fury of a Krak missile took down one terminator but the bolter fire could do no further damage.

Gunfire between units guarding objectives can best be described as desultory. An occasional casualty is done and in an open-ended game like this can be effective. In a 6 turn game I need to figure out wat to make shooting more powerful. For me, at least.

Meanwhile, the actions above are mostly just maneuver to get the right models closest to where fire will come from so key models are late casualties, and also to do some more objective seizing. 

Njal got off 3 psychic powers but all it accomplished was giving him Shroud...and a 5+ cover save does nothing except what his Terminator armor already gives him. he also bounced back to take advantage of Difficult Terrain which could give him an advantage against the Terminator Chaos lord.

Batbayor rounded the corner of the building and charged Njal. The Space Wolf Psyker's raven attacked him but could not penetrate his armor. It did slow him down a bit though.

Estienne could not recall how long ago he had become a Dreadnought. Though he saw the Deathwing terminators to his right, he cared not. Nor did he care one whit about the Grey Hunters he saw ahead of him. Unlike his fellow Dark Angels of the Deathwing, however, he felt no kinship with the Grey Hunters. He triggered a blast from his twin-linked Lascannon, obliterating one Grey Hunter as he advanced towards his objective. It was the bad fortune of the Grey Hunters that his objective lay on the other side of them...

Tau 3 objective x 3, Overwhelming Firepower 1 
Space Wolves 33 First Blood, kill points x7, objectives x23, Overwhelming Firepower x2
Ultramarines 8;  kill points x2, objective x6
Dark Angels: 7 Kill Point x2, Objective x 5
Chaos Space Marines: 0

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