Friday, September 5, 2014

War of the Relics; Ultramarine Vengeance

Gunvor looked at the assortment of weapons his men were carrying. Not one of them could penetrate the armor of the mighty Land Raider. However, if he could only close with it, they could tear the tank apart with their power fists and Thunder Hammer. Nodding to his men, they sheltered under the shadow of the nearby statue.

Meanwhile, Ingvar and his men took aim at the little of the Land Raider they could see but the ruins that slowed it also protected it, rendering their fire fruitless.

Commander tai led his men forward at a ruin, getting to the edge of the ruins. He figured shortly they would be able to unleash a storm of fire on the nearby Space Wolf Terminators.

His mind changed as his unit flopped to the ground around him even as the one remaining gun drone blew apart.

Captain Ovidius cursed the lost time as his Land Raider cleared the last vestiges of the bunkers. One track shuddered but stayed on. 

Now he was in the opening and could unleash the might of his moving death-dealing machine. He unleashed everything he had at the Tau Stealth Team straight ahead. With satisfaction he watched one of their accursed drones blow apart and what appeared to be fully half their unit fall to the power of his heavy Bolters. It was a good day to be an Ultramarine.

I gave the Stealth Team their cover save on top of the ruins save. It did not matter a lot as they rolled a ton of 1s. Okay, so Land Raiders CAN do damage...

Luce and his men were used to deep striking into battle. He was not shocked when they deviated one quick march from their objective. What did surprise him was the presence of the 3 Tau Stealth Team directly in front of him. Cursing the lack of ranged weapons, nevertheless he watched the Cyclone Missile Launchers erupt in flame, sending Krak missiles at the Stealth team, only to whistle harmlessly by them, foiled by the rubble the Stealth team protected itself in.

Tau 3 objective x 3
Space Wolves 13 First Blood, kill points x5, objectives x5, Overwhelming Firepower x2
Ultramarines 8;  kill points x2, objective x6
Dark Angels: 0
Chaos Space Marines: 0

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