Tuesday, September 2, 2014

War of the Relics: Raiding the Land

Decimus leveled his Storm Bolter at the much-shrunken unit of Space Wolf terminators, but was not surprised to see his bolts ricochet away harmlessly.

This is one of the weaknesses of the scenario I set up. Really there is nothing a single Terminator sergeant can realistically do...so hiding out plinking away and picking up Objective points until his almost inevitable timely demise is about all he can do.

The Space Wolves returned fire as they clustered around their objective. Their fire proved too effective and Decimus slumped to the ground, the last Ultramarine terminator dying with a whimper.

Meanwhile, the Tacticals tried to decide if they should fire at the terminators or take their own objective. They opted to seize the objective, but strung themselves out to give themselves a good line of fire at the terminators the next round.

Ingvar gestured towards the far-off Tactical marines. "Unleash, boys." Instantly the Lascannons unleashed their fury even as two frag grenades rocketed into the strung-out tacticals. When the smoke cleared fully half the unit was laying dead. Ingvar smiled in satisfaction. His men were proving their worth.

Sitting on a hill with good visibility, the first grenade scattered perfectly and the second hit. Only one Lascannon hit but the cover save was no more effective than the armor saves as only one Ultramarine passed his 3+ save in 6 attempts. Ouch...And the plasma and missile launcher would have been casualties if not for the "closest model to the firing unit" rule.

The poor Ultramarine Tactical troopers were still reeling from the devastating fire the Long Fangs had subjected to when even worse news greeted them. With a thunderous squeal, a Dark Angel Land Raider began crushing its way through the ruins surrounding their objective.

It unleashed a hailstorm of fire but to the relief of the Ultramarines, this time their armor held up under the assault. Still, things were looking dim for their future...

Tau 3 objective x 3
Space Wolves 7 First Blood, kill points x3, objectivesx3
Ultramarines 6;  kill points x2, objective x4

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