Monday, September 8, 2014

War of the relics; Chaos returns

With Ingvar dead the Long Fangs were going to need even more assistance. Yet Gunvor knew he could not leave his post. no matter how much he wished to leave his post the needs of the Wolves as a Chapter meant more than his desire for personal glory. His men edged ever closer to the edge of disobeying orders but remained in place...for now.

Stumpy took careful aim. Triggering his Lascannon mere moments after the krak missile bounced off the tank and his partner's laser went wide, he found a chink in the armor. The tank veered but kept coming on.

Ovidius shouted for a damage report. The stuttering of his crew's response let him know they were shaken but they managed to trigger their weapons, albeit a bit less accurately. Still, they managed to slay the missile launcher which sent the last two Long Fangs running off the hill. Satisfied, he began searching for a new target.

The Land Raider shot pretty well for firing only Snap Shots, hitting 3 times though only wounding once. Still, the Fangs fled...4". Had they fled 4-1/8 they would have been gone.

Luce directed his cyclone missile launchers to fire at the Land Raider again but they both missed widely.

Marius led his men at a run towards Gunvor. "We will hold this, you go take down that Land raider before it kills us all!"

Batbayor led his men onto the field of battle. Quickly he identified the best target for his men and led them running straight towards the Space Wolf Grey hunters. Soon battle would be joined.

Tau 3 objective x 3
Space Wolves 19 First Blood, kill points x5, objectives x11, Overwhelming Firepower x2
Ultramarines 8;  kill points x2, objective x6
Dark Angels: 4 Kill Point x1, Objective x 3
Chaos Space Marines: 0

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