Saturday, August 7, 2010

Turn Three recap

Things are beginning to clear up.

The Dwarf gambit failed, though not in epic proportions. Their shooting was fairly ineffective throughout the game, even against the Warriors of Chaos (the only army I did not allow Ward saves).

Not only their shooting, but their key soon as the Slayers failed to do a single wound and the Hammerers could not break the Marauders on the charge, their last flickering hope died. Now it is just a "last stand/do massive casualties as we die" scenario for them.

The Warriors of Chaos are in a dominating position. While the Dwarf lines still have a couple of units holding up the center of their lines, both flanks have dealt with every threat and are ready to bring overwhelming force to bear.

They will capture the left most shrine this turn and most likely the right most shrine in turn 5, leaving only the primary shrine...and by then, they should have Chosen, Chaos Warriors, and whatever else they need to take that.

The High Elf army is down to a single Dragon Prince and a mounted Mage...who just got flanked by an Orc chariot which might, with good rolls, finish him off with Impact hits.

The Orc and Goblin army is in an interesting position. The Archers have surprisingly held up two units of Miners while doing a handful of casualties.

The Night Goblins have been shredded by the treeman and Wardancers, but are still alive...and the goblins are about even money to defeat the Dryads and Glade Guard they are engaging.

Meanwhile, the Savage Orcs have a good chance. If they do enough casualties to the Miners on the charge, they should win the combat. If not...well, the Miners might do them in.

The Wood Elf army is done for. When the Treekin, Treeman and Wardancers were slain or broken, it let the wolves into the henhouse. There is no way a handful of Glade Guard can stave off Varangia, Knights, and the Giant. Their future is bleak indeed.

From a gaming standpoint, turn three was outstanding. It had a bit of everything...surprising combats (Night Goblin archers winning combats against Dwarf Miners), epic, multi-turn combats (Marauders v. Dwarf Warriors, the charges of the Hammerers and counter-charge of the Dragon Ogres), and individual duels of epic proportions.

I particularly look forward to the one on one duel between Sigvald and the mighty Slayer. Sigvald SHOULD win...but the Slayer has the charge and enough attacks to kill Sigvald in one go.

If I were to start over, I might at least approximate the points and make a couple of allies. It does not have to be even, but this game is going to tilt for the Warriors of Chaos simply because they have so many points available that the only army that had a chance was the Dwarf army....but they would have had to solely face the Warriors of Chaos.

nevertheless, I look forward to turn 4. Should be titanic and fun.

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