Tuesday, August 10, 2010

War of the Shrine, Part 23, Warriors of Chaos, turn 5

Shaggy looked over the field for a worthy opponent. The cackling orcs, secure in the strength of their chariot, gestured a challenge to him which he happily accepted.

Not to be left out, the Knights charged the hated cannon.

The Chaos Warriors charged headlong into the Thunderers, ignoring the hail of lead that passed harmlessly over their heads.

Flanked by yet more Chaos Knights and the blithering Spawn, Varangia charged into the remaining Glade Guard who stood between him and a truly epic foe, the fearsome Treeman.

The Chariot charged into the last remaining Dwarf Cannon.

The Warhounds, happy with having torn the Troll to shreds, charged into the chariot alongside Shaggy.

And, having been robbed of his chance for glory in the easy slaying of the Dwarf Slayer, Sigvald climbed to the top of the Shrine to engage in a solo duel with the last Dwarf hero, their army standard bearer. He hoped this would be an epic duel worthy of his greatness.

Varangia smiled. Though he could not see it all, he could feel the blood and death in the air, he could hear the thunderous crash of arms as the inexorable, irresistible force of the Northmen charged at their enemies.
Ah, the glory of war...was there anything better?

It was no surprise when the Chosen hacked the Dwarf Rangers to bit and swarmed over the Shrine, only to run headlong into the Savage Orc Big 'Uns approaching from the other side. They began a savage, hand to hand combat that would prove bloody and worthy of the savage fighting ability of both sides.*

The Knights rampaged past the easily defeated cannoneers and began hacking away at the Thunderers who, under the attacks of the Knights, exalted heroes, and even Marauders melted away under a flurry of devastating blows.

The marauders, fueled by their furious bloodlust, climbed over the broken, maimed bodies of the valiant Dwarf Warriors to roar their challenge to all from the heights of the shrine.

Varangia and those with him crushed the Glade Guard and went after the Dryads.

All over the field, the forces of Varangia devastated their enemies. Varangia smiled as he looked forward to brushing aside the Dryads and entering into one on one combat with the Treeman.
The final Hammerer
The Troll
the Orc Chariot
2 Dwarf Pirates
6 Dwarf Warriors
2 Cannons & Crews
2 Savage Orcs
18 Thunderers
2 Wardancers
9 Glade Guard
Suffered: none

* In search of an epic battle, I made some alterations to the rules; every member of both sides would be allowed to make their full attacks, both sides would gain the Ward Save for being on the shrine, and both sides would count as unbreakable.

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