Wednesday, August 4, 2010

War of the Shrine Part 2 Recap

The Warriors of Chaos made some nice progress. They are well set up to do some serious damage on both flanks.

Turn two saw some holes open on both ends. On the left, the Shaggoth and Dragon Ogres, bottled up until now, finally have lines at some important charges. If those charges succeed, they will roll up the left flank and left-center of the field.

It would be boosted by a Knightly charge if not for the epic defense of the high Elf archers, who managed to save, between armor and Wards, something like 11 wounds from the Chosen. Not only have the Archers fought the Chosen to a standstill in two rounds of combat, they actually have WON both of those, "No, that has no chance of happening" moments that are great about the game.

Meanwhile, the Dwarfs threatened momentarily to completely obliterate the center of the WoC lines. They still might win one of the combats, but their situation is suddenly rendered precarious by the success of inserting 2 Exalted Warriors into one of the fights.

The Dwarfs still figure to win the combat against the other Marauders, but it will be too little, too late as they will not have enough juice left to take on the Chaos Warriors and Sigvald who are behind that Marauder unit.

Meanwhile, on the right flank the Treekin initially held up well but then disappeared more or less in one go, essentially dooming the Dryads and Wardancers on that flank.

With pressure from the Dwarfs in the middle, the WoC on their left, and the O&G army on their right, the Wood Elf hope at this point is simply to take down as many enemy as possible before being slain. They are simply incapable of fighting a three front battle.

The High Elf army is shattered and will have no important role in the remainder of the battle.

The Orcs and Goblins are still hemmed in. They have enough power to cause some problems, but seem highly unlikely to do well unless the WoC and Dwarfs absolutely wear each other out and are therefore easy pickings for the too-small Orcs and Goblins.

The Dwarf army made the right move in trying to swing over and develop a battle line, and their desperate gamble to charge nearly gave them a real chance at winning, but when it probably doomed them to nothing but a heroic last-stand effort against the WoC.

Overall, it was a very fun turn with some great moments...the Wood Elf shooting phase, the Wardancers and Treeman knocking off mass amounts of Night Goblins, the Fanatics running amok, and the clutch refusal to die of the High Elf archers.

I cannot wait to see what surprises are in store in turn 3.

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