Wednesday, August 11, 2010

War of the Shrine, Turn 5 Review

If not for the (hopefully) epic duel between Sigvald and the Dwarf Thane atop the pyramid and the battle between the Savage Orcs and Chosen, I would not bother with turn 6. The game is decided and at this point it is down to a few random dice rolls.

The amazing thing is...the Wood Elf force had some incredible rolls. In one battle, they saved 12 of 12 potential wounds...but kept rolling high, broke and ran.

I let them because the game is really over. The out-sized Chaos army, once they broke out of their opening cramped position, just ran wild on everybody else on the table, slaying left and right in huge numbers.

Still, this was an incredibly fun game I look forward to re-playing...with minor tweaks and under 8th edition rules.

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