Sunday, August 8, 2010

War of the Shrines, Part 20, Turn 4 orcs and Goblins

With the Night Goblin Archers doing such a surprising job of holding up the Miners, the Night Goblin Spearmen decided to ramble over and see how their brethren were doing against the pointy ears.

This, of course, had nothing to do with the tough army and mighty weapons of the stunties as opposed to the near complete lack of armor and much less lethal looking weapons of the pointy-eared ones. No, it was solely because they were too near-sighted to see what was going on.

Meanwhile, the courageous Thunderers jumped in front of the maniacal Savage orcs, desperate to defend the Shrine.

Even Rockchipper the Slow descended to face Alaquippa and Growling Bear before they could defile the Shrine by riding their filth-ridden boars up it...which they had started to do.

Unfortunately for the orange-clad Night Goblins, the archers chose this moment to see what was going on back in their tents.
Buying the Marauders time, a Fanatic came whirling out upon seeing the stunties. he rolled right through the on-rushing Miners, his ball and chain wheeling death and destruction.

Protected by the magic of the shrine, the Miners made it through almost unscathed to battle the Night Goblins.

Another unit of Night Goblin Spearmen broke. Hoping to save the flank, several Night Goblin heroes sprung into the gap to wreak their vengeance on the pick-wielding Dwarfs.

The goblins continued to battle the Dryads and Glade Guard to a standstill. Soon their superior numbers would begin to tell...
2 wounds to the Dwarf Bolt Thrower
3 Miners
A Unit of Miners who broke under the Savage orc attack
2 Glade Guard
1 Dryad
6 Night Goblin Spearmen
4 Goblin Spearmen

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