Saturday, August 7, 2010

War of the Shrine turn 4, Dwarfs, part 18

What could be more glorious than finding death in a spectacular one on one duel? The massive Slayer Lord charged towards the effeminate yet deadly appearing northmen hero.

Not to be outdone, the variety of Dwarf heroes left behind to defend the Shrine charged into battle to help their beleaguered Lord Rigal Stonesplitter.

Meanwhile, the gyrocoptors flew off trying to do damage to the biggest threats to the Dwarf lines.

The Dwarf guns opened a deadly chorus. Cannonballs flew in every direction, handgunners took aim at enemies, and smoke filled the field as they unleashed everything they had in a desperate attempt to salvage the situation for the faltering Dwarf army.

They were dismayed when the (WoC) giant shrugged off any injury from not one but TWO cannonballs, but were cheered at the other destruction caused as Chaos Knights, Chosen, and Glade Guard all fell to their firepower.
It was therefore unexpected to see their mighty line of heroes get demolished in close combat, and not even by heroes. Well, some by heroes...but even Marauders were wounding and slaying Thanes. The mighty Dwarf heroes, seeing a couple of their number fall, broke and ran, only to be run down by the lethal Marauders behind them.
And the Slayer failed in his mission. Behind his mystical sword, Prince Sigvald laid him low before the Slayer ever swung his axe.

Even as they broke, the Warriors began falling under the blades of the Marauders and the Hammerers died at the hands of the Dragon Ogres. It was too much for the Warriors who broke, though the courageous Hammerers kept the Marauders from pursuing them.

If there was any good news for the Dwarf army, it was that their Miners withstood the charge of the Savage orcs...though the two Orc warriors crushing every Marauder alongside of them had to be was having the two Boar-riding Orc warriors turn their attentions on the flanks of the Miners.

Even the Warriors facing the Glade Guard could no longer stand the pressure...they broke and ran, only to be run down and have the Glade Guard go on to flank the Warriors battling the Waywatchers to a standstill.

Had Rigal still been around to see the results of his bold move to take the shrine, he would have shed a tear. Though not every unit broke and ran, every one took damage and nowhere were his sturdy warriors able to break an enemy unit.
The future was bleak, indeed for the now much smaller Dwarf force.
2 Chaos Warhounds
5 Chaos Knights
2 Chosen
3 Wounds to High Elf Wizard (all from cannons)
4 Glade Guard
1 Waywatcher
1 Marauder
2 wounds to Dragon Ogres
1 Savage Orc Big Un
2 Night Goblin Archers
3 Night Goblin Spearmen
5 Thanes
1 Lord Level thane
5 hammerers
8 Warriors
2 Miners

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