Thursday, August 5, 2010

War of the Shrine Part 14: Warriors of Chaos turn 3

Idly Varangia reflected that when you had men...and monsters and whatever that spawn was...who lived to kill, it really did not take much effort to manage a battle, which is what allowed him the luxury of things like his maniacal but highly diverting charge into the Dryads.

He was curious for a moment where Prince Chrysolopis had flown off to but decided it did not matter.

He knew the Warhounds, having recovered from their momentary panic, were probably consumed by bloodlust and seeking out some squishy elf for a mid-battle snack.

At the moment, Prince Chrysolopis was turning back to look with glee on the devastation he had left in the High Elf lines in his wake. His smile did not lessen when he saw he would have to battle hard to make it back to his own lines.

Meanwhile, the Knights charged in to help out Shaggy, the gigantic Shaggoth who had become somewhat of a mascot to them.

Alongside them, the Dragon Ogres thundered into the Hammerers already fighting the Marauders, seeing in them a worthy foe.

The Second Wasteland Marauders, led by their dual Exalted heroes, charged pell-mell after the fleeing hammerers, only to be intercepted by 2 Dwarf heroes. They almost laughed when the first roared mightily and challenged Eric the Mighty to a solo duel.

Meanwhile, Varangia charged into the Dryads battling his last spawn while the Chaotic Knights of the Fjord charged into the Wardancers.

Sigvald, seeing the approaching slayer and knowing it was vital to protect the battle standard, left his unit to challenge the Slayer to one on one combat. This would be an epic duel for the ages. He almost missed a step as he was lost in thought of the glorious songs that would be sung about the deeds he was about to do.
Of course, he did not miss a step...there would be no halting his greatness on this day.

Suddenly time seemed to stop as Prince Chrysolopis called upon his magic and in mere moments, fully 80% of the Dragon Princes died.

If it were possible for a violent psychopath to be any more maniacal, the laugh that emanated from deep within him would certainly have been called a maniacal laugh. At the very least a villainous chortle.

Buoyed by the valiant charges all around, the Chosen finally dispatched the amazingly resilient High Elf archers and began to rampage across the field...only to see a lone, obviously suicidal or deranged elf step up to protect his Eagle Claw Bolt thrower.

In one on one combat, Eric caused Grim to disappear in a bloody heap, wound upon wound causing blood to spurt.
Ligar broke and ran and surely would have been slain had not Rigal stepped up alone to face the onrushing horde. Though it meant certain doom, he would stop this disaster...or die trying.

All over the field the mighty northmen waxed triumphant. The nameless Giant took a third bite out of the Treeman who finally, sap flowing freely, went down for the last time.
The Wardancers saw several of their number die and fled, closely pursued by the Knights.

Varangia himself slew the final three Dryads and charged past them to face the Wood Elf hero who stepped up in a vain attempt to stop his rampage.

And the Slayers all achieved their wish...slain by mighty Chaos Knights and a huge Shaggoth. Rigal would not be pleased to know they gained no glory, doing not a single wound to their enemies.
Casualty List:
4 High Elf Archers in close combat, rest slain my marauder Horsemen when they broke
6 Slayers
4 Hammerers
1 Thane
1 Slayer Hero
Remainder of the fleeing Hammerers
2 Dwarf Warriors
Treeman (restoring Giant to full health)
3 Dryads
5 Wardancers
Lost: 4 Marauders

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