Monday, August 2, 2010

War of the Shrines Part 10: High Elf turn 2

With lord Aelna dead or fled...and most of the small High Elf force honestly knew not which was true...the goals had changed.

Gone was the driving force, the impetus to rule their inferiors and in its place was, if not panic, then at least quiet desperation.

The goal now was survivor, return to their homelands. But where to look for leadership?

On the bright side, the Dragon Princes stopped their pell-mell flight and turned back towards the field they had fled through.

As they turned, Prince Chrysopolis slew the hapless mage in front of him.

Perhaps it was the terror of the massive Prince behind them. Perhaps it was, the normally lethal High Elf shooting went awry with not one wound caused by bow or Repeater Bolt Thrower.

The White Lions did manage to wound the troll again, but 4 of their own number died in return. The High Elf lines soon as the mighty Chosen warriors slew a number of archers, they would doubtless break.

But then something happened...the out-manned Archers did not manage to wound their enemies...but they did not take a wound, either. (they saved 8 of 8 wounds needing 5s)

Bolstered by their unexpected stand the High Elf army gave a cheer. Slowly their lines stiffened. Perhaps they could win their way clear yet....

Caused 1 wound apiece to the Troll and the Orc Chariot

4 White lions
1 Mage

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